2017-2018 Staff

Claire Baker

Staff Writer

Claire Baker is a freshman at Northgate, and she is excited to write for the Crimson Times and share important current events and her opinion through her work. Some of her hobbies include writing, playing tennis, and spending ti...

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Cameron Williams

Staff Writer

Cameron Williams is a junior at NGHS. He has a multifaceted mindset and a propensity to vary wildly between the egregiously unrealistic and the drearily pragmatic. He loves learning about the humanities and literature, and makes use o...

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Stephanie West

Staff Writer

  Sophomore Stephanie West is a student in her first year of journalism at Northgate. She enjoys writing short stories and cooking in her spare time. Her favorite book to read is “Confessions of a Murder Suspect” By James...

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Claire Wathen

Staff Writer

Claire Wathen is a freshman at NGHS. She enjoys reading, singing, running Cross Country, and spending time with friends and family. Claire loves sandwiches and her favorite color is lavender. She dreams about visiting Mongolia ...

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Bella Trimmer

Staff Writer

Sophomore Bella Trimmer is a staff writer for The Crimson Times in her second year of journalism. She spends most of her time reading and writing. She aspires to make straight A’s all throughout school and attend college out o...

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Khayla Taylor

Staff Writer

Khayla Taylor is a freshmen at NGHS. She professes to have a boring life. She plays tennis and finds it fun and awesome at the same time. The things she has seen and done with tennis is awesome, like awesome sauce. ...

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Sasha Moraweitz

Staff Writer

Sasha Morawietz is a sophomore at Northgate High School. She loves playing sports, helping others, the dramatic arts, her family and her friends. She hopes to pursue a career in journalism, and helping others. She loves writi...

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Kelly Leishear

Staff Writer

Kelly Leishear is a first time journalism student. She is in her senior year of high school and has been a member of Key Club for 2 years. She also has been working at Kinnucans Specialty Outfitters for nearly 2 years and enjoys s...

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Ashfiq Islam

Staff Writer

Ashfiq Islam is a Freshman. In his free time he likes to play soccer, hang out with friends, and play video games. Ashfiq intends to leave Northgate with good grades in order to have a chance to attend a good college. He one d...

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Olivia Harvey

Staff Writer

Olivia Harvey is a freshman at NGHS. Olivia’s favorite color is mint green. Olivia loves to listen to pop music and dancing to her favorite songs. She also enjoys reading and singing. Some of Olivia’s favorite places to g...

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Imani Githae

Staff Writer

This is sophomore, Imani Githae's, second year in journalism. She plans to pick up where she left off last year in Journalism I, but with more experience and knowledge in writing for The Crimson Times. Her hobbies include reading ...

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Chris Gaydon

Staff Writer

Chris Gaydon is a senior on the NGHS journalism team.  He plans to pursue a career in journalism and writing as a whole, and hopes to publish a novel one day. He is an avid writer and can be found reading for hours on end. His f...

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Karrington Garrett

Staff Writer

Karrington Laura Garrett is a junior at NGHS. She is an avid Korean Entertainment fan and a hopeless romantic. She mainly writes scripts and narratives and would like to be a screenwriter when she's older. Although journalism is s...

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Mahle Gangi

Staff Writer

Freshman Mahle Gangi is an aspiring staff writer for Northgate High’s Crimson Times. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, playing guitar, and hanging out with friends. She desires to pursue a fulfilling career in writing,...

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Brennen Eastman

Staff Writer

Senior Brennen Eastman is an enigma of an unexaggerated morale and every person that knows him is able to tell an assortment of intricacies about him. He is calm but exciting, unpredictable but will always have a plan. The mo...

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Dylan DeLucia

Staff Writer

Dylan DeLucia is a senior at NGHS and DID actually sign up for this class. He has a total of 5 friends one being his car, a great music taste, and am a GOD at CSGO. You should expect literary gold every month from this genius....

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Maggee Chang

Staff Writer

Maggee Chang is a junior at NGHS, starting her first year at the Crimson Times. Writing has always been a hobby she has found limitless and convenient (Instagram captions have never been a problem.) Spare time is spent jamming t...

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Ansley Berry

Staff Writer

Senior Ansley Berry is a fourth year journalist and student athlete. Whenever she isn’t obsessing over llamas, she is either playing volleyball or singing her heart out. She has an outgoing personality that influences her writing, an...

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Elijah Barrow

Staff Writer

My name is Elijah Barrow, and this is my third semester of journalism. I love memes and dreams. I love to play instruments like the guitar, piano, and of course, the spoons. I’m looking forward to this year and I hope to writ...

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Hailee Attaway

Staff Writer

Hailee Attaway is a sophomore at NGHS. Her passions include writing and reading. Her dreams for the  future are to enroll into Mercer University, and pursue  a career as a counselor. You will more than likely find her under the “opinions...

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