The Parking Situation

Jacob Byrom, Staff Writer

Right now, one of the surprisingly biggest problems at the school right now is the situation with everyone parking their cars. In fact, there is a big problem as a whole with cars at our school. The students are not the problem at all in this situation. In fact, it is a problem that the school has caused. The problem is so bad that there is someone who made an Instagram account that showed the bad parking that is now occurring at the school in recent months. The students have spoken out about it and now they request that it be fixed very soon. The main problems are that there are not enough parking spaces, in the morning it is impossible to get into school sometimes, teachers park in the students’ parking spots all the time, and it is impossible to get a parking space no matter what time of day. This article will hopefully help bring attention to more of these problems that occur at this moment in time.

The first problem is not enough parking spots are available at this time. If someone were to come in the morning before most teachers and students come in, of course, anyone can get a parking spot. However, with how bad traffic is in the morning and at what time a person leaves a parking spot will be one of the most impossible things to obtain ever. To fix this problem more people could use the parking spots near the track near the new gym more often.

Next is about when the students get to school. The morning traffic is already bad enough, sometimes the train can block 25 percent of the people going to school. However, in the morning the car rider lane is one of the slowest things ever. In the afternoon they use two which is faster, but in the morning they only use one lane and it is very frustrating. Sometimes parents or students get in the second, unopened lane and drive forward hoping someone will let them through. However, according to the school that is not allowed, but sometimes it is needed because of how bad the morning traffic usually is going and coming to and from school.

The final problem is one that should be addressed more than it already is. It is the fact that the front of the school is reserved for teachers to park their cars so they can get into the school. Next, the front of the ninth-grade building is reserved for the many students that drive to school themselves and need a place to park their cars in the morning or afternoon. But for some reason, some teachers are deciding to park in the student parking lot. This is reducing the number of spaces available for the students to park, and at the rate, the school is hiring new teachers, these spaces are getting more and more crowded every day. Whether the school addresses this or when the bus loading zone is more accessible, is when this issue will be resolved.