New COVID Variant?

Carson Taylor, Staff Writer

Nowadays Covid feels like it’s been happening for a lifetime. It doesn’t help that feeling that there is a new variant of Covid. This new Covid Variant is called Omicron and was first discovered in South Africa and Botswana. This is the third known variant of Covid. There was the first strand of covid that happened in early 2020 was first identified in China. The second strain being Delta was first discovered in India in December of 2020. Scientists are saying that the early signs of this new variant, Omicron, maybe less transmittable than the Delta variant. This means that the Delta variant can make you sicker than the Omicron variant when you are unvaccinated with the Covid vaccine.

However, that is just the early stages of the Omicron variant, and scientists and people still do not know the full effects of it yet. Scientists still don’t know if the Covid vaccines prevent people from being sick with the Omicron variant. Scientists however urge people to get a booster shot to further prevent people from being sick at all with Covid. Scientists also urge people to continue to wear their masks, be socially distant and follow basic hygiene practices such as regularly fully washing their hands.

Washing your hands is a very important way to avoid getting yourself or other people sick. States have also started to be put in a state of emergency with people having to stay from home for everything unless for necessities. A major state that is in a state of emergency in New York. So far the Omicron variant has yet to be detected in the United States as of today but the governor of New York wants to prepare its citizens for the spike in cases. New York was put in a state of emergency on Friday, November 26th. New York has however yet to put its citizens in lockdown. Scientists have said there is no reason to be stressed about the new Covid variant, Omicron, yet but to treat it still very seriously.