The Bathroom Situation

Jacob Byrom, Staff Writer

The very important thing that the students and a large number of staff members need are the many bathrooms that litter the school in abundance. The bathrooms are like stated before, one of the most important things in the school. To some people, it is the most important thing that the school has to offer to its many students and staff members. They are always in use and everyone has used them at least twice every nine weeks since they came here. At least seventy-five percent of the students and staff members use the bathroom on a daily basis. Which begs a few questions pertaining to the bathrooms: How many people use the bathroom, how many people use the bathroom every day, and are the bathrooms really clean? The questions about the bathrooms will finally be answered.

The first question is, how many people actually use the bathroom at school? At this moment in time, due to covid, the exact number of the people and staff members who go to the bathroom is very unknown. Some people who go to the bathroom, don’t even use the bathroom at all. Some people walk in and talk to their friends and talk about schoolwork or their lives which can be done outside the bathroom at any time. Some people also take forever in the bathroom, the average time it should take a person to use the bathroom and then wash their hands and leave should be at the most five minutes and should take no time at all if they are rushing. However, some people have noticed that it takes certain people almost an entire hour to use the bathroom. Which should not be possible at all. 

The bathroom’s cleanliness must always be brought into account when talking about the bathroom. If the bathroom is not clean, what happened? Some people either go to the next bathroom, or they don’t use it at all. If all else fails, however, they may need to use that disgusting bathroom in case of an emergency.  Emergencies are not common occurrences, but they can happen. However, back to the state of the bathroom. It is very important to discuss what the devious lick challenge has done to the bathrooms. During September when school was back in session (unfortunately) a challenge on the very popular and famous app TikTok, named the devious lick challenge went viral especially around schools. The challenge consisted of students going to different parts of the school and stealing them and taking them back home. The main things that were getting stolen at our school were the soap dispensers, soap containers, and either taking them or breaking them in the bathroom itself. After a while, however, a few students decided to take the bathroom door to one of the student bathrooms in the one hundred south hallway. Thankfully it has been fixed.