Wildfires in California

Neviah Davis, Staff Writer

It might not look like it right now, but currently, we are going through a lot with climate change. Though reporters don’t get very deep into this topic, it’s important to know what is going on> If you don’t know, climate change is something that deals with our weather around the world. It is also where the weather goes through some types of patterns, from big and small changes. The topic of California and its droughts throughout the year are very commonly talked about. It’s a huge deal, especially when concerning the citizens. Climate change in The state of California isn’t a new thing with that said, the people know how to try and fix the problem. The main and obvious reason they keep having this problem is due to dry heated air. The article website https://calmatters.org states the following about how common it is for this to happen in California, “The state just closed out its second-driest water year on record, with nearly 88% of California now in the clutches of extreme drought, or worse.”Oct 19, 2021. The last time news reporters and others have reported the last seen wildfires was in October, more specifically October 27. ON that day it was said that there were at least 8,239 fires along with the state. Many people are affected by wildfires due to houses being burned down and losing families. Not only houses but important buildings were also affected. There have been countless reports along with this, saying that they have found many people hurt and without homes. To go with the other website stated above, the website called https://www.vox.com mentions this “The fuel moistures are still at record lows across the state of California. That’s allowing these fires to burn at higher altitudes.”Sep 3, 2021. Proven fact about the main cause. Its most recent fact is that it’s honestly not going to change. California has always been under this type of stuff. The best thing to do is try and stay away from it. Obviously staying away from this can protect you and your family. Try to be out there for others too. The article called earthobservatory.nasa.gov, talks a lot about what has happened this year with the wildfires. This resource tried to go straight into it by letting everyone know that “ Two recent incidents—the Dixie fire and the August fire complex stand out for their size. Each of these burned nearly 1 million acres—an area larger than Rhode Island—as they raged for months in forests in Northern California. Several other large fires, as well as many smaller ones in densely populated areas, have proven catastrophic in terms of structures destroyed and lives lost. Thirteen of California’s twenty most destructive wildfires have occurred in the past five years; they collectively destroyed 40,000 homes, businesses, and pieces of infrastructure. In the end, this sensitive topic should be talked about all over the US, even if it’s not huge, people still need to be protected.