Is Dress Code Fair?


Addison Siler, Staff Writer

Every teen girl has felt the wrath of the school’s dress code. Every school’s dress code is different, but all of them have one thing in common, and that is they are more strict when it comes to girls. 

The school requires girls to dress the way they feel is appropriate. Meaning shorts and skirts are to be a certain length, and tank tops or spaghetti straps aren’t allowed. This rule is harder for tall girls to follow because finding shorts that are fingertip length is more of a challenge for them. Girls can’t have rips in their jeans above the knee and can’t have their shoulders exposed. There is a saying that having your shoulder exposed will distract the boys from learning when, in reality, that is not true. How are schools going to make a rule based on boys not being able to learn if a girl’s shoulders are out; how is that fair to girls that are trying to learn as well. Girls should be allowed to wear whatever they want, of course, there are some things that girls and guys can’t wear, and those are obvious, but the things they aren’t allowed to wear is such a long list it can be almost impossible to buy clothes for school. 

Getting ready for school is stressful enough, but the added stress of the dress code can make it even worse. When the weather is warmer, of course, girls are going to want to be comfortable and wear shorts, but girls then have to worry, “well are my shorts long enough?”The dress code makes it hard for girls to express themselves when they have so many rules to follow. When girls walk down the hallway, they shouldn’t be scared about what teachers are going to stop them. They should feel comfortable in what they are wearing and should be able to express themselves without the dress code holding them back. 

Schools obviously need to have a dress code so that students don’t wear inappropriate outfits, but they should be fair to both genders. If girls can’t show their shoulders and wear tanktops, then boys shouldn’t be allowed to either. And with the no rips above the knee rule, what does that mean about shorts, isn’t that the same thing? Boy’s are hardly ever pulled aside for violating the dress code, even though they wear tank tops. The most the school will do to reinforce the rules is make an announcement while girls have to go through the humiliation of getting called out or pulled aside. Some boys may get called out for a simple hat, but that is really the only thing they get in trouble for. Schools need to rethink a few of the dress code rules to make them fair to everyone and easier to follow.