Abigail Kinsey, Staff Writer

‘Predators will start entering whatever bathroom they choose as long as they have the excuse that they identify as such to back them up’ has become a common refrain in the argument that trans people should use the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity. Those who make this argument claim that rapists will begin to take advantage of the gender identity excuse and begin to assault men and women in the bathrooms. 

“Allowing transgender people to use the restroom that aligns with their gender identity will end up letting male sexual predators into women’s bathrooms” has become a common rebuttal for any type of argument enticing the freedom of trans people to have the right to their respective bathroom. Though this ideology has been proven; in fact, false, it still continues to be beaten like a dead horse. 

Several states and major cities have supported trans youth and their bathroom access for years. More than a dozen states and several cities have non-discrimination laws in place that protect gender identity in public places and accommodations. This is the affirmation that sparked the entire argument that claimed these laws will contribute to the number of assault victims.

“[ . . . ] while there are some past examples of heterosexual men dressing up like women to gain access to women’s spaces, there’s no record of that behavior increasing when there’s an LGBT non-discrimination law on the books” [ . . . ] “We have so many places that do prohibit discrimination where this has never come up,” says the Equality Federation’s Rebecca Isaacs. “This is a red herring.”

The police and school officials say that they haven’t seen anything of the likes either. A media watchdog named Media Matters has asked state leaders, law enforcement, and school officials in places with the non-discrimination laws whether they’ve seen an increase in sexual assault