Is The Library Useful At Our School?

Jacob Byrom, Staff Writer

The library’s (of course) main use is to give the many students around the school access to many different types of books. The books included, but are not limited to fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction, historical non-fiction, literature, and so on. The real questions pertaining to the use of the library are as follows: How many people actually use the library, what kind of books are checked out the most, and do all books actually get returned.

The exact number of people in the library is actually very small. An average person at the school will only go to the library a few times. Either going to the library with their class to pick up a novel, to check out if they are leaving, and/or to fix and/or pick up their Chromebook. A lot of the students don’t always get books here.

The people who do check out books at the library mostly get a few types of books. The types are fiction, nonfiction, historical fiction, historical non-fiction, history, and novels. The ladder of them may be picked up to read for fun or by a student reading this in one of their many language arts classes. The fiction and historical fiction sections of the library are mostly looked at and grabbed because a student or anybody might find one of the many interesting books fascinating or intriguing enough to read it all the way through. A history book may be picked up to help students with a large number of history classes at the school.

Not all the books at the school get returned, however. Sometimes the book goes missing forever and will never be seen again. The school to try and prevent books from being lost forever is putting the school’s name on many of the books with a stamp. The school also puts small little pocket-like objects in the back of the book. Then the librarian puts in a small card with the due date on the front of the small card. However, that does absolutely nothing to help return any of the many lost books. Some people just remove the card to pretend like the book has no due date, or hope that the school had forgotten about the due date entirely. One effective way to make sure they are returned is to put a fee on the student’s account to make sure they return it. The fee can be a certain price depending on the number of copies the book has in the library. The max amount of money a library book can make a student owe is fifty dollars in total.

The people who go to the library think it is ok. They like having access to free books especially if the school day is boring, or they need to take a break.