Early Black Friday Deals?


Dakota Creel, Staff Writer

Black Friday deals have come early this year. With Christmas a little under two months away, many people have already started buying gifts. Many people had been prepared to wait until prices dropped for what’s widely known as the biggest sales of the year. Black Friday is now less than three weeks away. This year Black Friday falls on November 26th, 2021. Black Friday always falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving. This day mostly marks the start of holiday shopping, even though most people have either recently started buying or have been stocking up on presents for months. 

You can of course still find some sales before the official date of Black Friday, even though some stores open their doors on the actual date at midnight. Sales can be found as early as the Monday before Thanksgiving. Most sales are also followed throughout the weekend into the next week, or Cyber Monday, as it’s known, which falls on November 29th this year. 

Things have changed a bit this year. Many sellers are advertising sales much earlier than usual. Some sales have started early because of expected delays in shipping. This is due to supply chain issues. Some sales have already started, almost a month in advance. We’ve seen sales come early, but never this early. 

As for what will be on sale this Black Friday, many retailers haven’t yet released any specific details on prices yet. Based on last year’s sales, we can expect items ranging from electronics to kitchen utensils. It is expected that many of the same items will be on sale this year or at least a number of items that are similar. It would be best to look out for sales from major retailers like Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and even Amazon. Many smaller retailers have also shown great sales for well-known brands. There will likely be very few sales on products from brands like Apple, or devices for gaming, and any smart products. It has also been predicted that there will be sales on items like home security devices, smart lights, vacuums, air fryers, and many other kitchen appliances. Clothing brands like Nike, Adidas, Kate Spade, and Michael Kors have also been expected to have a plethora of sales. 

 It would be best to stay on the lookout for sales in all departments. You can always find useful items, even if it isn’t a gift for someone else. Keeping up with your favorite brands and stores is the best way to be on the lookout for sales. You can check on websites, or sign up for newsletters through email to keep track also. Some places will be posting on social media when sales have been released. 

There are many stores that are already advertising Black Friday sales. Some of these stores include Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy.