Construction on School Grounds

Jacob Byrom, Staff Writer

Most recently the construction at our school has increased over the years, mainly because a new building is being constructed to the right of the main building. A lot of noise has come from the builders and a large, unfortunate amount of traffic has come from the construction. So that leaves a few questions that need to be answered. What is being built, is the noise distracting some students, is the construction causing more traffic, and will this building be useful at all? 

The answer to the last question is very obvious. The school wouldn’t build a new addition to the school for no reason. The building in question, however, will not be done until later next year. Its main purpose is not yet known. However, judging by its size it could just be where more classrooms will be built or moved to. The reason to have this building is to have more room for more teachers. The school right now is in a small shortage of teachers because most are retiring soon or have already retired. Also because of covid, most people are not looking to become teachers at this moment in time. 

The noise is a big concern for some of the teachers and students at the school. Sometimes the loud and sometimes obnoxious noises coming from the construction workers’ building. Depending on where the person is relative to the location the noise could be very quiet and not too loud or very loud if you’re really close by it. However, the construction is not always being worked on because they may only come on certain days depending on the company. Sometimes, they are even so quiet that they sound like they aren’t there at all. The noise has become so common that it is often ignored unless a very loud bang is heard. The only time that construction has been disrupted is when science classes could not do some experiments because the gas to the bunsen burners needed to be shut down for a time. One other time was when there was a spark and the school thought there would be a fire, so they made sure there was none after making students and their teachers exit all of the buildings. 

The last question is a big one, is the construction of the new building causing more traffic around the school area? Right now, the construction workers are still sending in equipment because of the building, which means multiple trips will need to be made to bring and pick up the materials. Most of the time, a big truck will come by to drop off materials, which can lead to bad traffic. For a few months after school had started, buses and cars had to go through the same line, which made traffic worse in the long run. The school also changed the time for when school ends, they made it 3:20 pm because of the buses. However, they recently reverted to the original time of 3:30 because the buses can now make it to the bus loading zone.