Disney’s 50th Birthday

The happiest place on earth is celebrating its 50th birthday. That’s right, Disney World is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Walt Disney World opened on October 1, 1971, and has since touched many people’s life. 

The celebration of the anniversary began on October 1, 2021, in honor of it; they redecorated the castle and made all kinds of new things for people to remember it. They made a pair of 50th ears and a castle that lit up and had characters from the park and the Dumbo ride. They made a new popcorn bucket which is the infamous Micky Mouse dressed in the new celebration outfit. Disney opened new rides like Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and added more food items to the restaurants in the park. They as a little game hid little gold figures of some of your favorite characters throughout the park, while it’s a game for the kids and adults, it also makes a nice place to take a picture. 

Disney has grown from just an amusement park to a family that owns companies like ABC, ESPN, Pixar, Marvel. Disney has also produced so many groundbreaking family movies. Walt Disney, the person who started Disney, started drawing cartoons before the idea for Disney was even an idea. “A talented artist from a young age, Walt Disney drew cartoons for various publications and became interested in cel animation while working for the Kansas City Film Ad Company.” (History.com). He then went on to produce the short film Alice’s Wonderland. He went on to make six movies after that and created Alice’s Comedies. The continued work on the movies led to the creation of the most infamous character from Disney, Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse shorts were so popular that Walt Disney was “convinced he could produce a feature film, which he began to do in 1934.” (History.com). “The project, which some dubbed “Disney’s Folly,” went 400 percent over budget and required over 300 animators, artists, and assistants, but Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was a smash hit when it debuted just before Christmas 1937.” (History.com). They made yet another kid’s favorite movie, which also has become a world favorite ride.  It’s crazy to think that the history of Disney started with Walt Disney drawing cartoons for the Kansas City Film Ad Company. Since all the movies he made and the lives, he touched he now owns multiple companies and continues to make people happy with the characters he made and the park he created. The anniversary of Disney will continue for 18 months, so don’t be sad there is plenty of time for you to participate in the celebration.