Current Issues in New York

Neviah Davis, Staff Writer

As we all know, the COVID world pandemic has impacted a lot of people, from going in and out of lockdowns to now ending up getting the covid vaccine. The covid vaccine has changed in wonderful ways for people, but currently, New York thinks otherwise. It all started when Mayor Bill de Blasio made an announcement that city workers must get the vaccine. It’s stated by him that if these workers receive at least one dose of it they will get an extra $500 on their next paycheck and if not they can be placed on leave while being unpaid. If so they chose to get it, they will have to have certified proof of the vaccine. Mayor de Blasio states “There is no greater privilege than serving the people of New York Times, and that privilege comes with a responsibility to keep yourself and your community safe.” He is wanting city workers to be an “inspiration” for the recovery of lockdowns. There is another article that talks specifically about the workers and how they strongly feel about this important situation going on with the mention of struggles they had. The NewYorkTimes has touched firmly on that “Their jobs made them get vaccinated. They refuse.” Since so many people in New York are “refusing” to get this vaccine they are losing countless useful jobs. The NewYorkTimes has listed an infinite amount of workers like Josphine Valdez, a public school paraprofessional who lost her job due to not meeting the deadline on time for the District of Education. This actively demonstrates that these workers are highly against it for the fear of the outcome. Along the lines of that These New Yorkers are showing countless times that they are scared of getting the vaccine. Another woman named Theresa Malek who was at once a travel nurse refused to get the vaccine for the circumstances of the “side effects”’. She said in this article that she doesn’t wanna walk away from the people or this job, but it gave her no choice. Other city workers such as police officers and firefighters are also being held strong with the force of getting the vaccination in New York. Many of these workers are losing jobs over and over because the Mayor is trying to keep everyone safe but they once again refuse to listen. People throughout state their strong upright opinions and that’s why in the end it causes so much emotion. To sum up, everything that has been stated before, New York is having a lot of current issues trying to fix and help others in order to protect. Along with whatever may go forward with these workers it’s going to be hard and complicated. People also say that the Mayor is trying his best with all this so no one has to lose their job over it. He says that it is important to know how good the outcome may become.