Gotta Love Harry Styles

Abigail Kinsey, Staff Writer

British star Harry Styles has shown time and time again that he really cares about his fans, even doing a gender reveal to one fan’s husband in the middle of a concert. During one particular concert, Harry Styles was asked to help one particular fan come out to her mom.

At a sold-out stop on Harry’s Love on Tour show at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, there was a video capture of a girl named McKinley McConnell holding up a sign with big letters that read, “My mom is in section 201. Help me come out.”

Harry Styles turned to her where she was standing near the stage and asked, “What would you like to tell your mother?” There was a silence, and Harry can be heard asking, “Do you want me to tell her? I can tell her. Yeah, no problem, one second.”

Harry could be seen making his way over to center stage when he shouted, “Lisa, she’s gay!” into the microphone, and cheers rang out through the sold out 17,000-person arena. 

McConnell told ABC News that she flew all the way in from Los Angeles to see the show with her mom, who was unfortunately seated in a different part of the stadium. “I literally got her the ticket so last minute,” McConnell explains why they were so far apart, “I was lucky to get a ticket for the general admission pit for myself. I know my mom, and she wouldn’t have been up for the pit.”

McConnell – who’s a political science student at California State University, Northridge, tells the news anchor that her mom probably already knew of her sexuality even way before the show had even begun. 

“Afterward, she told me, ‘You always had a flair for the dramatics,’” McConnell tells the camera, “I’m really beyond blessed that both my parents are so supportive. And I think they probably always suspected, even though you try to act like they don’t. She just kept saying she loves me and is proud of me.”

“She cried. I didn’t expect her to cry that much — I think she’s just stunned by it all,” McConnell explains how her mom was a little overwhelmed by getting caught in a viral moment. “She works in a school, and a few of her students came up to her today and mentioned it.”

McConnell posted the video footage of the whole thing to Twitter the following day, saying that it was ‘a moment that will actually be with me forever’. She follows up with, “Thank you for creating a safe place for me. Thank you for letting me grow alongside you as a fan. Thank you for helping me know who I am. Thank you. @Harry_Styles  #LoveOnTourMilwaukee #LoveOnTour #SHESGAY”

McConnell later made the joke about how she was contacting her tattoo artist to see how she could get the entire interaction tattooed on her. 

“I followed One Direction; I’ve followed Harry from the start of his solo career. I’m still in a state of shock,” McConnell says. “It’s this mantra that fans have — that ‘the moment will come, and he’ll notice me.’ And you really believe it will happen. But when it does, it’s hard to process. It hasn’t quite sunk in yet. I don’t see myself recovering from this for a full while.”

Fans on Twitter respond to McConnell’s tweet with heartwarming words of support and love. “As someone who doesn’t know if she’ll ever be out to her parents, this whole interaction was heartwarming and made me cry,” one commenter wrote. “I am so proud of you and happy for you. Hugs xx”