Dead Men Walking


Arlethia Daniels, Staff Writer

Dead men walking is the season that people all around have dreaded to approach, from skeleton costumes to the chilling winds and aching bones, but one thing that’s not dead is the reputation and the upcoming of the artist Brent Faiyaz. The past year has been a fighting battle for many upcoming artists in the R&B genre with many different ranges of vocal performances, producers, and lyrical patterns. Throughout the fight, many artists have had their hits and quits but the artist Brent Faiyaz has seemed to hit every time, from producing with his friends to collaborating with major artists such as Drake, Tyler the Creator, Jorja Smith, and Tems, the young artist has definitely come to take some sort of role in this generations popular music choices. The artist began his career in his home city located in the DMV being broke children with a dream. From watching their hometown heroes perform in small locations wowing their city every time the artist became intrigued in what they did and chose to make his sufferings into poem and lyrical masterpieces. The artist quickly and subtly went from strictly producing with those who surrounded him to having his name on billboards and becoming the heartthrob of many teen girls’ fantasies. For some the music industry is strictly business and artists speak on lives that they aren’t necessarily living however this artist takes pride in stating nothing but his first-hand experiences and telling things how he’s lived it. Coming up in the DMV the artist says that things were more of a close-knit thing and that music from the outside city was minimal, the community came together to support their own with some factors of other majoring cities like 

Atlanta and New York. From having an ear and knack from what his hometown provided Brent Fayaiz was able to incorporate his hometown with his story and make it his own: something that his thousands of fans have grown to love and enjoy. Though the Artist has been on the come up for many years he has only been able to produce two eps and a single album which has been a staple in his community at some point. With sound and lyrics ranging from heartbreak to heart breaker to lover, the artist has had a story for every feeling.  In the past year, the artist has had many smash hits in the industry, having songs off of his first and second EP go viral on the popular app Tik Tok engaging themselves trends of showing themselves off to their favorite verses from the eps to his Album from 2020 hitting over 500,000 streams. From there the artist was discovered by many popular artists in the hip hop field and began to collaborate with them on huge projects which would ultimately attract more fans towards his music and discovery. In fact, as the artist began to leak projects of his under a file titled “Do Not Listen” he received over 500,000 streams of support. Though his leaks and discovery have had major success and are now a staple on many playlists, his fans have remained thirsty for more and he has granted their wishes as he made an Instagram post on his story saying that in fact, an album was one of the ways. So until then, his fans will remain dead men walking until revived.