The Locker Usage at School

Jacob Byrom, Staff Writer

At first glance at the school, there are of course a large number of lockers. Of course, the large number of lockers means a large number of students use them. However, that is not the case. It is rare to see anybody, student, or other use a locker at the school. The main question is why do people not use them more? Then there are other small questions that need to be answered. Like, are there people that use lockers, does the school want students to use them, why do students not use them, and should the students start using lockers? All of these questions must and will be answered in this article. Heavy research was done for this. 

Do people use lockers at this school? It may not look like it, but apparently, a small percentage of the students do. Granted the exact number of students who use them is hard to acquire as some students at this time are in quarantine due to covid. A way to tell if a locker is getting used by a student is to see a small personal lock on the locker itself. 

Now, does the school or school system want its students to use their lockers? From what anybody can tell, they don’t mind if the students use them or not. In certain middle schools, almost every student was given their own personal locker to use at the time. It was used to hold all of the possessions that they brought to school. Whether it was for helping with class, focusing in class, snacks, or just to hold the electronics they brought. Now, however, students just carry everything on their person. They will put a sufficient amount of their belongings in their backpack, or if they have a vehicle to put most of their belongings in there. The school has realized this and has taken notice of how many students have done this and abandoned their lockers that were put up around the school in abundance. 

When asked why students don’t use their lockers many of them answered the same way. They all said that it was more convenient to carry everything around with them or leave most of their belongings in a vehicle and/or at home. Another reason is buying a personal lock for your locker. Sure it is a small amount of money to buy a small lock, however, most people decide not to anyway. Not because of its price, but as stated before that it is more convenient to hold all of their belongings in one place. One other reason is the probability of a lock code being found out and someone’s belongings being stolen by someone else. Of course, the probability of that is low, but not zero as that may be a regular occurrence if no one notices.

The last question is should students start using lockers? It is up to the students themselves if they want to start using them. A lot more students of course want to just carry their belongings with them at all times. Not only for easy access but also for protecting what is rightfully theirs. 

That is all the information on why students won’t use the lockers. However, on a different note, the lockers do get used for something else. Some teachers a few years back decided to let their students paint on some of the lockers in the 400 hundred south hall. They created some pretty amazing art that is still on the lockers to this day.