Vote No to New Sales Tax?

Vote No to New Sales Tax?

Addison Siler, Staff Writer

Maybe you’ve seen the “Vote No to the New sale tax” sign that has been posted around the area. If you’re anything like me, you’re wondering why the sudden need to up the sale tax. The sales tax in Coweta County is already at seven percent, and in some areas, the sales tax goes up to nine percent. 

Many people have posted these signs in their yards or around neighborhoods, and I’m wondering what the money will end up going to. Will it go to better the school systems or maybe healthcare? People are already upset with the price of gas; what’s to say they’re going to vote for a new sales tax to make everything more expensive. There was a town hall meeting in Newnan to discuss this new sale tax commissioner John Reidelbach, and School board member Linda Menk talked on the issue. “Menk cited the economic uncertainty that has occurred in the last two years with COVID-19 pandemic, saying she had talked to parents who have been laid off from jobs eliminated due to the pandemic, as well as others that had been penalized for not taking a vaccination.” (Newnan Times-Herald). Many people have had a rough two years and have had to adjust to the new world we live in. People have lost their jobs and have had a lot of changes, and it’s safe to say that people don’t respond well to change. Adding a new sales tax to the already through the roof gas prices and expecting people to just go for it was a failed attempt. Menk went on to say that we need to vote no to the tax because it just added a burden to people’s lives and how it wouldn’t be fair. Not even to mention the people who lost everything in the tornado, maybe this tax is a good idea at all given the fact that people still are rebuilding their homes. 

The new sales tax is aimed to create revenue for better roads, drainage, parks, and the city’s public safety complex. The discussion of this tax has been going on since September, but now with the election coming up, people are pushing for people to start making their decisions. Every turn you make driving through Coweta has the little red sign reminding you to vote no to the new sales tax, so it’s hard to see what people are feeling. “According to city leaders’ calculations, raising Coweta’s sales tax by one cent would raise approximately $1.3 million per year.” (Tulsa World). Another thing the sales tax may go to is a new fire station, but more main reasons are for better storm drains and adding lanes to existing roads. People must not feel like this is something they want to spend their money on and will need a little more convincing for them to vote yes to it. “City Leaders assured citizens that would be the case- the one fore Coweta funds can only be used in the ways specified, meaning they will be dedicated fully to the key areas identified by the Coweta City Council.” (Tulsa World). This was a way the council tried to reassure citizens that the money will be used for the things they specified. 

After all the people have been through is this new sales tax worth adding another burden to their lives. I guess we will just have to wait and see.