When Homework Turns into Work Work

Carrie Anne Mundy, Staff Writer

On average, around 50% of all youth ages 16-24 are employed either part or full time. Yet teachers don’t take any of this into consideration when students enter the classroom. Some students at Northgate High School work over 20 hours a week and with the exception of doing worksheets, essays, math problems, etc on top of that. Although there are ways in which homework is very beneficial towards success and learning more. I think that there needs to be more strategies and methods that teachers can use to engage their students in studying for quizzes and tests. Some alternatives could be: getting busy with individual or group projects that students do in class, assigning educational video games or games that keep the mind active (something fast and simple that doesn’t make them stress about a paper), and maybe in class, learning some necessary and practical real-life skills. This will prepare them for their jobs and things that the students can apply to real life. Things that students will remember more than whatever the Pythagorean theorem is. I believe that if students got the chance to let their teachers know at the beginning of the school year if they are working or not AND if teachers worked with them on alternate options, this would help make school less stressful and more of a place to look forward to. The school doesn’t need to be stressful especially when there are other and more preferable strategies and ways to study and learn. Madi Melton, who currently attends East Coweta High School, works at the YMCA. She shares her experience with balancing work and homework by saying: 

“I started working in July of 2020, right before school got back in session for Covid. I have always loved school and learning, but I also love my job. Working has given me a new sense of responsibility and purpose. However, I often have to choose between my job and my school work. No matter how many hours I spend doing school work, there’s always more waiting for me. As someone who pays for their own gas, car payment, insurance, and food, the choice between working and studying is hard. I feel like my job is preparing me to be on my own and be an adult in the real world, but hours of homework every night can be exhausting.”


This shows how high school kids need to make sacrifices when being hired into part-time jobs while attending high school. This is real life but truthfully, these are some of the most vital years of our lives. We need to do anything we can to avoid stress.