“Still Over It”

Still Over It

Arlethia Daniels, Staff Writer

As the wintertime approaches, there are many things fans are over, false claims of albums, unfulfilled promises, and much more. Though fans understand that their favorite artists are busy with life, many of them remain over it all. This concept remains throughout many fan groups except one, Summer Walker fans. The fanatics of the popular singer are wrapped completely in all of her shenanigans and are definitely not over the games.

Summer has managed to attract the attention of fangirls and men who stand in awe of her new album Roll Out. Though things for the new album has reached its peak, with people from major cities such as Atlanta and Chicago testing their might on clear boxes, the popular singer began her games back in June of this year. Summer first started hinting towards new music in June, posting a clip of him surrounded by five others in a studio enjoying a rumored single on her new album. Though the snippet was nothing much but a thirty-second clip, thirty seconds was more than enough for fans to run to Twitter, and run with their imagination.

Fans were excited and on the edge of their seats; ultimately, the small thirty-second clip posted on Instagram transpired from a token Summer Walker had gifted, to an extensive watch party among her fans. The waiting and watching began dropping some fans before the first week or so, but the artist did not starve the fans for too long, she had another trick up her sleeve that would have not only her fans on edge but another big fandom on edge as well. On June 27, Summer dropped her gift which had been a single photo of her and the popular singer SZA where they both were posing in a studio, which many fans assumed to be after a recording session. Not much later those assumptions would be proven fact as the singer SZA would confirm on her Instagram story that she and Summer had a surprise for both of their fandoms. Hopefully that is a feature many fans and critics have anticipated and begged for a collaboration between the two artists, and the track with them both on it would be a dream come true for many. Aside from the feature, many are on the edge of their seats not only for who may be on the album but what the album signifies for the artist herself, the ‘Still Over It’ album will be Summer Walker’s second studio album to date following her 2019 release ‘Over It’.

Many anticipate the album to be the follow up of her previous release which told the story of her longing for a partner who accepts her for all that she is, with that being said the album ‘Still Over It’ is hoped to bring forth closure with herself or with someone else. The thought of either outcome has fans all over attempting to smash boxes with a hard drive of Walker’s new album, acquiring the new album before the November 5th release date, so far many cities have been unsuccessful; however, men from the city of Chicago and Atlanta has been able to crack open the safe and actually win the hard drive. After all the hard work and struggle many fans weren’t able to get their hands on the new music and ponder whether or not those who were able to win the hard drive will be “over it” by November 5 or not.