How to Become the Head Viking

Jacob Byrom, Staff Writer

A school’s mascot makes or breaks a school. However, if someone wants to don the heavy suit and the giant head, they need to get in the right mindset. Being in that suit means being in it almost all the time and being really hot and sweaty because of it. To be able to become a mascot, there are a few questions that need to be answered. The questions are thus: What are the requirements to be able to get in the suit, what is the suit like, are some suits different from others, and why hasn’t our school’s mascot shown up more? An immense amount of research has been conducted for the answers.

There are a few requirements that a student needs to get in their new suit. The first is if they are willing. The person inside the suit needs to be comfortable with their surroundings. There will be crowds staring so they should be ok with them around. The second is the suit itself. That giant suit is heavy and very hot. The most dangerous thing that can happen to a mascot is falling or overheating in their suits. To prevent overheating, a piece of clothing called a mascot cooling vest is worn under the actual mascot suit. To work the cooling vest must be cooled before the event a mascot suit must be worn. After cooling the vest, it will need to be worn before putting on the actual costume. To prevent falling, the person must get used to wearing the suit for a period of time. Next, the person in the suit must be ready at all times to wear the suit. Most of the time when the mascot is not visible, it means the person in the suit is not ready.

A lot of suits are different depending on the place that it is worn. In colder climates, the suit’s materials must be thicker while in more mild and/or hot climates the suit must have less thick materials on it. The materials on the suit also determine the weight. Suits with fur and/or fur-like materials are heavier than lighter materials like rubber. Some suits also have extra objects like a shirt or specially made items like the team’s symbol and state or school’s name. 

Finally, is the strange occurrence of why has our school’s mascot not been appearing as much as it should? There are a few root reasons that could be the cause. One and the most probable reason is that nobody has requested, tried, or has been chosen to be one of the school’s most important figures. In the past, however, they requested to be the mascot and they got their wish to become one of the most recognized people at the school. Unfortunately finding out who they were is almost impossible. The second and least probable reason is the mascot suit is undergoing changes just like the school itself. Maybe the suit is undergoing repairs or is getting completely overhauled. The third and final reason is that the school is only looking for the mascot at certain times or events. However, that means that they would be seen more often and the person in the suit’s identity would be known.