Meet the Admin

Brook Jackson, Staff Writer

The administrators at Northgate High School play a big role throughout the day. They deal with things such as discipline, travel, and so many other things that you may not know they do. The administrators were asked five different questions relating to what they do as an administrator. The questions that were asked consisted of, what is your favorite thing about working at Northgate? What are your responsibilities? What is the biggest challenge working at Northgate? As an administrator, how does each week differ? What has been your most memorable event as an administrator? 

First up, we have Mr. Ladd also known as Coach Ladd or Rogeric. Mr. Ladd is always interacting with school activities and while he is working, people can tell that he enjoys working with students. After being questioned on the duties of an administrator, Mr. Ladd explained that his favorite thing about working at Northgate is the staff and students. He says that everyone is always pulling together to be the best, even when there are rough days everyone keeps on moving in a positive direction. On a daily basis, Mr. Ladd has eleventh and twelfth-grade discipline. He also works closely with the Social Studies, ROTC, and the custodial programs to cater to any needs they may have. Some may also say that Mr. Ladd is the “traffic” guy. Mr. Ladd goes on to further explain what his biggest challenge is working for Northgate. He says his biggest challenge working for Northgate is trying to get to know students. He tries to get around as much as possible but still feels like he wants to know more students. As an administrator, Mr. Ladd’s every day differs, that is one reason while he enjoys being an administrator especially in classrooms and being involved in sporting events. For the past couple of years Mr. Ladd has been working at Northgate, his most favorite moment was when he was trying to turn the fire alarm off. The fire alarm stayed on for about thirty minutes and as it was going off, he was in a panic and started pressing all the buttons. While he was in charge of working the fire alarm, while doing this everyone was looking at him and asking who was in charge of working the fire alarm. Mr. Ladd felt so much relief that he could get the alarm to go off after the fire alarm company couldn’t get it off. During this moment, all he could think about was a Southwest airline commercial that said “Wanna get away”. After this moment he laughed for a couple of days because everyone was giving him stares. 


The next administrator we have is Mrs. Jacqueline Stephens. Mrs. Stephens is a wonderful and very strong woman. She has a very strong work ethic which is very inspiring for high school students. One of her favorite things about being an administrator is watching students identify their strengths both in and out of the classroom. She said once they figure out how they are successful, students can learn how to impose their success in all areas. Mrs. Stephens enjoys seeing a student excel in an area they may have once found challenging, due to the change in their outlook and energy. Her main responsibilities are to support students in the way of student services. She is the contact for AP students, teachers, and exams. She has control over gifted students, ESOC students and teachers, students with accommodations, and also PBIS. While she is in control of all these things, she also has to make sure that the students are getting where they need to be, including Dual Enrollment, CEC, and Georgia Virtual School. During these times social media has been very helpful in getting information out about testing and travel for students. Mrs. Stephens then goes on to explain how each day is different from the other. Each of these days brings out the greatness in education. Out of all of the years Mrs. Stevens has been working at Northgate, her most memorable events are always getting new students at the beginning of the school year and watching the seniors graduate at the end of the school year. Both of these things to her bring a level of excitement and inhibition.


Finally, we have Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson is new at Northgate and is just now getting the hang of the daily Northgate routine. For the past few months, Mr. Johnson’s favorite thing about working here is the people. Working with other administrators, teachers, students, and other staff is the highlight of his day. He believes the relationship you develop with people who you work with at school makes it a great place to work, and not just the people he works with but also the students contribute to that. Mr. Johnson’s main responsibilities have to do with testing, curriculum, and other things related to testing. The administrators at Northgate work as a team, each person has their complementary strengths. For example, when he can help do anything outside of his area, he will jump in and help however he can. The biggest challenge so far for Mr. Johnson is having to start over again. At the previous school he worked for, he worked there for seven years. Learning where things are, meeting everyone at once, and starting over from scratch has been a challenge for him to learn, but he then states that starting over will be worth it. Each week differs for Mr. Johnson. He will have things going on such as testing, but then will have things come up in his plans that were not expected. He explains that every single day differs and not by the weekly. After being asked what his most memorable moment was working at Northgate, he wasn’t quite sure because he still has so much to learn about Northgate, which he is very excited about so he can be part of the Viking family.