Fall Festivities

Carson Taylor, Staff Writer

 Recently the weather has been pretty cold,wet, and rainy but that doesn’t have to stop you from having a great fall that’s loaded with so much fun. With so many specialty drinks and foods for the holiday season of fall. At Starbucks there is the always wonderful pumpkin spice latte. Every year people get very excited for pumpkin spice anything. A lot of people will say that Starbucks makes it the best. Also at Starbucks for the fall season is pumpkin cold brew, apple crisp macchiato. As for foods there is the pumpkin cream cheese muffin, pumpkin scone, and a fox cake pop. These drinks and food are perfect for a rainy day afternoon at Starbucks. Some more fall snacks are the pumpkin spice pop tarts that you can find at your local grocery store. If you don’t want to buy anything premade you can always bake some fun fall treats with your loved ones.

Some fun fall things to bake are the classic Pillsbury halloween cookies. These cookies may not be fresh but they are delicious and fun to bake and eat. They come in two different patterns of cookies. The first one is a halloween craved pumpkin and the other is a fun cute looking ghost. These cookies are very easy to make because it’s already made cookie dough. So all you need to do is to pop them into the oven, let them cool, then pop them into your mouth. Even though they are very yummy to just eat as cookie dough. Don’t eat too much though or you might get sick. For more indoor fall activities you can go to your local Spirit Halloween with your friends. You can go to look and try on silly costumes with your friends. You might even find your halloween costume there. It’s a fun time for kids of all ages.

Another activity that’s not so kid friendly is going to a haunted house. There are so many fun local ones all over. But beware if you get scared easily because the scare actors do a great job at doing their job of scaring people. The people working won’t hurt or touch you if you are worried about that. For a more kid friendly activity you can go to your local farms because they usually have fun things to do for the fall season. Some farms even have a corn maze to go through. On halloween night take your little siblings or cousins trick or treating for a fun time to look at all the decorations and even get some candy from them along the way. Also you can host a party for friends for a way to get all dressed up in costumes and have fun with your friends. Fall doesn’t stop at halloween though. For Thanksgiving get all dressed up with your friends to have a Friendsgiving dinner. You can spend time making food together and show each other how thankful you are to have them as your friends.