Is School Spirit Important?

Addison Siler, Staff Writer

Did you know that an increase in school spirit will increase school attendance? There have been numerous studies on how the increase in school spirit will bring up test scores, attitude towards school, and improved attendance. 

Northgate lacks school spirit, in the four years I have been attending school, I have noticed the lack of school spirit. Students don’t show their school spirit, whether it be at sporting events or dress-up weeks. Students aren’t excited about coming to school, and if we had more school spirit, the attitude of students would change. Being a student, you constantly hear the words, “I don’t want to be here.” Students don’t look forward to events anymore; we need to make more events that students are excited about doing. If students would get more involved and participate in school, they may find that there is more to a school than just learning. The attendance would improve, which would make grades improve then students’ attitudes towards school would become more positive. 

There is a big issue with the school spirit in the sporting area. Other schools have tons of attendance, and students always dress up for the themes, while at Northgate, the students argue about what the themes should be changed to. Students automatically assume that just because we aren’t the best at football that they shouldn’t go, but in reality, the football team needs student support more than anything. Students in the student section will talk about how the team isn’t very good instead of coming to support and enjoying being around their friends in peers. 

Another place we are lacking school spirit is the dress-up weeks and decorations. This year our homecoming week was a mix of students who dressed up and those who chose not to participate, this goes for the staff too. During homecoming week, each hallway was meant to be decorated for each of the themes, and journalism was in charge of choosing which hallway won. When we went around, some hallways weren’t even finished or ones that lacked creativity. There was a hallway that only printed out tiny superhero logos and put them around the hallway. Another one was meant to be a country club, and it was creative, but they never even finished it. I think this is the reason people don’t get excited because none of the students go all out for things like this. 

I think more students should be the leader and get other students excited about school and all the events held there. If students don’t feel there are any fun events, then students should suggest other ways to increase the school spirit. When the school spirit is increased, then there can only be more positive things to come.