Kelli Sowerbrower: Teacher of the Week

Kelli Sowerbrower: Teacher of the Week

Carrie Anne Mundy, Staff Writer

Mrs. Sowerbrower is the kind of teacher that you could and should go to if you are ever in need of someone to talk to at school. Even if you have never had her as a teacher before, you are sure to recognize her. She attended a high school in Arkansas. She got her undergrad from the University of Central Arkansas. Then, she went on to get her Masters at the University of North Texas. And then went even further to get her Doctorate from Georgia State. So really, she is Dr. Sowerbrower. She has taught at Northgate for 4 years and she also works at University of West Georgia. She teaches an English 1102 class there.Before her jobs at Northgate, she taught at Newnan High School for 14 years and a junior high school in Texas for 5 years.

At Northgate she has taught an AP Lit class, 10th grade English, AND senior English. Currently she is working with AP Lit, a tutoring class where she “bugs them and helps them with their work.” When asked about her favorite class she teaches, she responded saying, “I love AP Lit, American Lit, and I love to read books and talk about them. Any class where we can do that is one that I love.” You can tell the passion she has about books by taking one step into her classroom. She loves books so much that she is the sponsor for the Book Club! In Book Club, they read books and talk about them. They pick them from Georgia Peach Nominees and discuss them once a month.

Her favorite book, “Right now, it’s Frankenstein, the creature is so misunderstood and I think he reminds me of students who scream for attention in a negative voice.” On top of that, she is also a senior sponsor. This is her first year being a senior sponsor but she describes this role as making sure things that want to get done for the seniors, get done. She loves school and teaching but another good thing about being a teacher is the people you meet and the friendships you make. She says that, “The whole English department are my best friends. We are really close and nerds together.” She really is just a great teacher to go to if you are having a bad day, she is hilarious and will cheer you up in a heartbeat. 


  • Her favorite color is pink.
  • She does not have a favorite ice cream flavor.
  • Her favorite dessert is a Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae.
  • Her favorite holiday is her birthday.
  • Her favorite word is vivacious.