Arlethia Daniels, Staff Writer

Higher and higher a new upcoming artist climbs up the charts and the top of playlists, the newly found artist Tems grows larger and larger in the hearts of those branching outside of the norm. The singer, songwriter, and producer began her climb in the year 2018 with her first single “Mr Rebel”. For her very first song the track did not do the worst as it would go on to be nominated for The Headies the best female vocal performance and the best alternative song. Although she did not win either of the awards, it can be noted as a milestone in her career as the push for more and more became more prominent. From there she would later go on to fulfill her hopes and wishes as she released her second single titled ,“Try me” the following year of 2019. The song “Try me” put her on many people’s list of legends in the making, specifically DJ Edu who stated she was one of his “ten artists to watch” in the year 2020. That very year on the 25th of September Tems would go on to yet again elevate herself: she released her extended play (EP) ‘For Broken Ears’, which would ultimately be her big break. The song “Damages” on the EP, the response to the previous single “Try Me”, peaked at number one on Apple music Nigeria and number six on Turn-Table top 50 chart.

“Damages” also went on to reach five million views in youtube and would win for most played alternative song awards at The Net Honors awards, a big jump from her previous releases. The major accomplishments of the song did not stop the artist in her tracks, in fact she continued to climb the next month with her next big move. Jumping from the success of her Ep right into the heart of her blessings, the song “Essence” by Wizkid in which she was featured. “Essence” has gone on to reach many achievements, some big and small;however, throughout it all the song ultimately brought forth much of her recognition. Through the collaboration Tems would receive her first career entry on Billboard’s top 100 charts, and a special place in the hearts of Popular artists such as Drake and Pop singer Adele. Tems had such an impact on the popular rapper Drake that she would go on to be featured in the artists New album ‘Certified Lover Boy’,  in the song “Fountains”; the single would go on to reel in the artist’s second Billboard entry at number 26.

Of course as the track record of the popular artist shows she has no time to rest and would release yet another EP ‘If Orange Was a Place’, which much like the others would do nothing short of great.  The song “Found” featuring the Popular artist Brent Faiyaz debuted at number seventeen on the Hot R&B songs chart and number thirty-three on New Zealand’s hot singles chart. Leaving the Ep at nothing but another success story. Tems past two years has been nothing short of phenomenal as she climbs her way to the top of everyone’s playlist, dominating in the alternative category and providing new sounds for all. As her Song “Higher” off of her Ep “For Broken Ears” says she is doing nothing but elevating higher and higher.