Should the School allow Pets on School Grounds?

Jacob Byrom, Staff Writer

Schools sometimes have dogs; an example would be the occasional drug sniffing canines into the school, but only on important business. To find out if the school should allow it, questions should be asked. What reason should pets be allowed, what kind of pets should be allowed, who needs the pets, and do any other schools allow certain animals to walk their halls? Research plays a key role in this article to find a clear answer.

First, what would be the reason for having animals around? Animals that bring support is a major reason to have them around. People who need support animals sometimes have trouble in certain public situations. Service animals are needed by people all the time, everyday. People who have disabilities can get service animals to support them. The animals of course will be well trained and focused on their jobs. However, people may try to distract the animals from doing their duties. So, new rules will need to be administered to the school about the new service animals walking down the halls.

Next, what kind of pets should be allowed? Dogs are the main and most thought about animals when talking about pets. However, the dogs would need a leesh to make sure they don’t run off and do something like eat something, use the bathroom somewhere, leave the school, or attack and antagonize other pets or people. Another pet that people would bring would be cats. They would need to be in a small carry crate or be on a small leash. Cats might be easier to manage because most can be carried, however, it’s their aggression that would be a bigger problem. They could swipe at people or pets or make other pets get aggressive and/or scared. Fish would be strange and might be allowed if the students are careful with them. Lizards would need to be very careful around the school, as people sometimes can’t see if they step on something. The lizards would need to be in its own container, because if they were on someone’s shoulders or in their hands they could fall or worse get crushed. Many precautions would be needed for those small reptiles. Snakes would be an entirely different situation. Not everyone has a pet snake of course, but the people who don’t might or will feel uncomfortable. The snakes would be treated the same as the lizards mentioned above. Being in their owners hands would be dangerous, so they would need to be in their own cage.

One more crucial part of taking care of a pet would be taking it to eat and use the bathroom. Both of these needs for a pet would be impossible for the students of this school to manage on their own. Firstly, the school or students would have to make a registered time when all the animals would be able to eat. Either the school or the students provide food for the animals, which would cost the school a lot of money. Some animals would need to be left outside the classroom, but that would not be possible as most will cry or yell for their owner to come get them.

Finally, have other schools allowed pets on their campus? There are of course classroom pets, but apparently that is all. No other schools around the world have allowed their students to bring their best friends to one of the most stressful places on earth. Other articles have talked about why schools should allow pets, but the school systems are still saying no.

This shows that there are more problems with adding pets to the school. Even if the schools had a way to make sure pets would be treated well, it would take forever for the state to allow them to stay. It would take the state forever because all the schools would have to agree to having pets.