Devious Lick, Part Two

Addison Siler, Staff Writer

The TikTok “Devious Lick” isn’t getting any better students have upped their so-called creativity. The trend has continued to get attention from both the schools affected and the news. 

Students are not only removing the soap dispenser but taking the soap out and pouring it into the toilets. The teacher’s threats don’t seem to scare the students since other TikTok viewers are encouraging the trend to go further. The trend has made more of an impact on Northgate as well, the boy’s bathroom is down to one soap dispenser in the two hundred hallway, and the bathroom by our beloved football field is almost all gone as well. Schools have dealt with problems in the past, but nothing of this magnitude. Teachers and Administrators are at a loss for how to go about solving this problem. It seems whatever the administrators do, the students go the extra mile and continue to destroy the school property. TikTok, in an effort to put a stop to the trend, banned the hashtag “devious lick,” but the question is, “is it too late?” Teens have taken the trend so far that police have made several arrests and charges against the participates. Students are being charged with a variety of charges, whether it be vandalism or theft. 

Earlier this week, the news channel made its way to Northgate High School regarding the Devious Lick trend. They talked about how the trend has made quite the impression on Coweta County. The only problem with that is this trend has made it further than just Coweta County, the trend has made a nationwide problem. Two kids from Evans Middle are now facing charges for participating in the TikTok trend. “The incident occurred Thursday after an Evan staff member noticed a soap dispenser taken off the wall in a bathroom and a stopped up toilet stuffed with paper towels, according to the incident report.” Newnan Times-Herald also said that one of the students was charged with theft while the other one, who was found with the screwdriver, was charged with interference with government property and criminal trespassing. The two students are only in middle school and could potentially have these charges on their records forever. This trend is causing students to get a record before they even have a chance to hit puberty. The news presence isn’t helping the trend go away any sooner because the whole point is to see who gets the most attention or has the best steal. The news is only going to make the students want to continue to steal so that maybe they will be the next internet sensation. 

The trend may go away all on its own, but there will always be the desire to be internet famous the question is, what will be next.