Teacher of the Week

Carrie Anne Mundy, Staff Writer

Mrs. Greiner is a teacher who stayed in her own roots to teach! Having grown up in Newnan and gone to East Coweta High School, she has worked at Northgate High School for five years now. 

Some Fun Facts!!!

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite TV Show: Modern Family

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip

Birthday: July 28th

Hometown: Newnan, Georgia

Mrs. Greiner balances the tasks of being a teacher of the Northgate Ambassador program and her art classes, Grad school, and her art/painting parties that she also leads. She started the Ambassador program in 2019. She had to, “find students that were interested in a program that exemplified leadership throughout the school and community.” A big part of the program is representing Northgate inside and outside the classroom. Throughout the year, the students get to participate in visiting elementary schools and volunteering their time there, serving in special needs classrooms and getting to know the kids there, and helping however the administration sees fit. Peer facilitation, student tours, and volunteer work are some of the things they do in the ambassadors class. The interview process for the program ensures that each student admitted are well-rounded individuals that uphold it’s good reputation. This program is important to her because she wants to help make a difference around the school. Her favorite part about being a teacher, though, is “the difference [she] can make in [her] student’s lives if [she] can help them be better, understand more, and show kindness.” She is vulnerable and honest with her students to gain respect from them. She wants her students to feel comfortable talking to her about important issues or things that they’re struggling with or be able to change their perspective/mindset for the better. 

Covid-19 has changed her as a person by teaching her to enjoy the new changes that life brings. Everything is uncertain and always changing. She has also learned a lot about technology and new resources she could use to communicate with her students. Learning virtually was rough and she is much happier with a classroom full of students. 

Some of her favorite things to do are hiking, traveling, painting, going out to eat, chilling at home with her cat; Georgia; spending time outside, being with her friends and family, and working on things around the house. These are the things that make her the happiest.