Trinity’s Dominance over Coweta County

Trinitys Dominance over Coweta County

Evan Craig, Staff Writer

On the Outside of the county, there is a small Private school that dominates the sports world in Coweta County. Trinity dominates in almost every sport in the county so much that most public schools refuse to play them and it raises a lot a questions and continues to build tension between schools . 

Trinity’s football program is not only the best on the county, but they are ranked number 22 in the state they have one of the best quarterbacks in the state  of Georgia with a total 1233 yards. The only team in this county that could compete to Trinity’s high level of play is East Coweta, but fellow high schools Newnan High and Northgate could never handle what Trinity can bring to the table. The school does not just excel in football but the also have very promising Volleyball,Basketball,and Baseball team.

One of Trinity’s Greatest strengths is who they bring in to coach these young players. The coaching staff is very impressive with lots of experience and great vision to what the team can accomplish on and off the field. Head Coach Kenny Dallas stepped up to the ranks of head coach in 2016 and 2017 the following season he led the football team to the state championship final which was a significant change in the years prior. Kenny Dallas didn’t only bring his superior coaching craft but he also brought two twin sons who are quite the skilled players. Dallas’s sons are what really make Trinity’s football team click. The twins are a quarterback wide-receiver duo that absolutely prevail over the field. The Dallas name is what really makes Trinity’s football untouchable within the county. 

Not only does the school have a keen football program Trinity has a Volleyball program that does not compare to the anyone else in this county. Their Volleyball team has an amazing roster that is very talented. The volleyball team received a new coach this year who makes some questionable decisions as well but the magic really happens on the court with star players Rachel Gregg and Charlsey Willoughby leading the team to 2nd place in their region. 

Another impressive team at Trinity is their basketball team. With head coach De La Cruz who bring in players from the Dominican to bring into the spotlight on the court. Most player who Coach De La Cruz leave D1 athletes and have very promising college careers such as Isaac Brito who will go on to play in D1 school.