School Cafeteria Food

Jacob Byrom, Staff Writer

School Cafeteria Food: How is it made, where do the food or ingredients come from, why is pizza getting served every week, and finally how many students bring their own lunch or eat school lunch? The information was gathered from GADOE website.

The school gets its ingredients and sometimes food from the NSLP or National School Lunch Program and USDA or United States Department of Agriculture. They make and enforce the rules that the schools should follow. The USDA ships its food to the multiple school systems. They send the food with big trucks that are carried around the country. The state of California also helps send a lot of food to the schools.

The school food is made by our amazing lunch ladies who provide our school breakfast and lunch at a very rapid pace. The lunch ladies have worked at our fantastic school for a very, very, very long time. They are kind and of course well trained in making the best out of what they are given.

So, right now at our school pizza is getting served everyday. For some reason, nobody knows why either. After having tons of pizza, they also have a limited amount of other food as well. After counting every single day and month a conclusion was made. The conclusion is that most students would get pizza over anything else. The school system realized that over everything that was made, given, and eaten that their pizza was eaten the most. The school realized this after the year 2020 and decided to double down on that idea and make one of the permanent lunch changes in a while to add pizza to the menu for an extended period of time. So far, this has been a permanent lunch change for quite a while, and will probably stay unless something is said from a parent, school or county official, and maybe a GADOE representative. However, no students are complaining. Looking around during the multiple lunch periods, it is very easy to notice that most students who did not bring their lunch or are able to pay for their lunch have gotten pizza. At least, the pizza is changed and different types of pizza are chosen each day. In fact, there is always a lot more pizza than any other food item available at this time.

Right now school students are eating school lunch or their own food made by parents, siblings, guardians, and or themselves. However, the exact number of students who do this is very large and very unknown. A lot of students don’t actually eat in the cafeteria all the time, some either stay in the classroom to tutor or finish work. A lot of students are also out right now due to the high number of CoronaVirus cases, which is fortunately declining. So, counting the exact number of students who eat food prepared at home is very hard to do. The only way to really get an exact number is to question all the students, which is a daunting and maybe an impossible task.