Fall Festivities

Carson Taylor, Staff Writer

Fall seemed to have started on time this year in Georgia, which is very rare for around here. Summer activities like swimming are over. Even though every student and teacher are sad about summer being over there are still so many fun things to do in the fall time. Starting this year at Callaway Gardens they are having Halloween lights that are family friendly and fun for the whole family. These lights and experience is sort of like Callaway Gardens lights during Christmas time. This experience starts from September 10th through October 31st. The times are on Friday and Saturday 4pm through 10pm. Sunday’s times are 4pm through 9pm. You can get tickets on the Callaway Garden’s website. For a more mature activity to go do is Six Flags over Georgia’s Fright Fest. It feels like a haunted house mixed with of course a theme park. Before nightfall is less scary than when it’s dark out.

The days of Fright Fest at Six Flags are September 18th through October 31st. On the weekends except Sunday the times are 6pm through 12 am. On Sunday’s the times are 6pm through 10pm for the Fright Fest part of Six Flags. The park is open earlier for kids to enjoy the theme park too. Another fun fall activity is to go to a pumpkin patch. You can go and get the perfect pumpkin. Then, you can carve and/or decorate the pumpkins with your family and friends. From the pumpkin guts, you can make edible pumpkin seeds. There are many different farms that have fun things to do while you go to get your pumpkins. Even if you don’t go to a pumpkin patch, local grocery stores also sell pumpkins of different sizes and shapes. Another family friendly fall activity is the fairs or fall festivals at parks, schools, and even churches.