Arlethia Daniels, Staff Writer

September 13,2021– one of the most anticipated dates of this year, a rumor and a disappointment.

The past week has brought many Playboi Carti fans to tears and outrage while others were more compliant and dismissive. Recently, when it comes to the artist the media has brought forward his past relationship with the famous singer Iggy Azalea, ending in a big ball of mess. Leaving her with plenty of twitter posts, Instagram comments, and even live videos, after the split, Azalea found comfort in venting to her followers about her ex-boyfriend and now the father of her son. Through it all one thing stuck out, of all her comments and concerns when she went live on instagram, claiming that the artist was “so worried about what the world thought of him” and later claiming the artist to be a narcissist.

The split can be dated back to before the release of Playboi Carti’s recent release, ‘Whole lotta Red’ which took its place on platforms on December 25, 2020. This particular album was hoped to feature the emotions that Carti had suppressed from the social eye and maybe channel through his music ;however, the artist later explained that the album would have nothing to do with his personal life and would be a new beginning for him and his fandom. From then Playboi carti released feature with artist such as Trippie redd where Playboi Carti was included in ‘Miss the Rage’, where the single went on to go viral on tik tok and other social media platforms such as instagram including the lyrics of the song in captions and the reposting of the song in general. Moving on from the single fans were on the edge of their seats to find out playboi Carti’s next move when the dates of a tour labeled “Narcissist” had been posted with the locations and available tickets, not too long after Carti’s Entire instagram page was wiped clean of its previous content leaving a single post on August 23 with the caption “Narcissist 9/13/21”. From there fans jumped to the idea of having their favorite artist rolling out new music and pieces, many ran to social media spreading the word of the new albu, and using code lingo and inside jokes relating from one fan to another. The thought of new Carti brought many together and had many on the edge of their seats, after the release of ‘Donda’ the new Kanye album and ‘Certified Lover boy’ Drake’s new album.


The success of the two precious albums gave nothing but high expectations to the supposed ‘Narcissist’ album all the way up to the release date, which has yet to come. After the speculations and assumptions many fans were excited for an imaginary album which may or may not come. As the day came and went many fans came to realize that the album was not to be released and dug a little deeper into the case. They later found that the september 13 was the artist’s birthday and that the ‘Narcissist’ caption and tour could be a bit of irony the artist is attempting to use. Upsetting many, fans threatened to rip up their bought tickets or completely not buy the tickets. Though many gave up on the idea of the album others are still clingy to the thought of receiving ‘Narcissist’ hoping that Carti is pulling a Kanye scheme.