TikTok Trend Gone Bad


Addison Siler, Staff Writer

There have been many trends to come out of TikTok, but this one has gone viral and not in a good way. Recently there has been a hashtag or trend called “Devious Lick” where students have been condoning stealing things from school property.

TikTok has a very diverse audience, but the majority of the viewers are young and impressionable. This trend might have started to be an innocent prank that has sparked a fire. In these young viewer’s eyes, they see this trend and think it is okay to do when in reality they just want to fit in. This kind of mindset is the exact reason why this trend is spreading so fast. This hashtag “devious lick” is going viral and the people participating are getting thousands of likes. These people are going viral from stealing from their school as if that’s not bad enough, the viewers are encouraging them by commenting on what to steal next. 

The point of this nonsense trend is to steal items from school. This trend simply started with things like a soap dispenser and has now gotten so drastic they people have documented stealing an entire urinal. The main people who are partaking in this “activity” are boys because most of the things stolen are from the boy’s bathroom. The likes of this TikTok seem to go to whoever gets the best “devious lick,” meaning who can steal the biggest thing from their school. This trend has even happened at our school. An anonymous source reported that at the homecoming football game, that they saw two people stealing the soap dispenser and putting it into their book bag. The student then reported the people to the officer standing nearby. The power this trend holds on students is so immense. This trend even made it on the news channel NBC. The news channels went on to warn parents about what their children were being exposed to and even interviewed students about what the trend truly meant. Students that were interviewed described the trend as simply stealing and vandalizing the school bathroom or just their school in general. 

The “devious lick” trend is growing so much that some schools are considering taking bathroom doors to put an end to the stealing. There are many TikToks of the principals of their school lecturing about the punishments the students will receive if they are caught participating in the vandalizing trend. Some schools are closing their bathrooms until they can somehow get control of the situation, while others are trying to find the students so they can press charges for the damage done. The one “devious lick” that I saw on TikTok was a student who stole a urinal, and because it was properly taken off, the bathroom was flooded and caused tons of damage.

The viewers on TikTok or even the ones participating may think that it’s funny now, but how would they feel when principals start taking of bathroom doors or close the bathrooms for good. All because some kids wanted to have their five seconds of fame.