New England Patriots cut Cam Newton


Brook Jackson, Staff Writer

After the 2021 final preseason game for the New England Patriots, they decided to cut starter quarterback Cam Newton.

Cam Newton is a professional football player who started his career in the NFL. He was the first overall pick to play for the North Carolina Panthers and  played for them for 10 years. After being released from the North Carolina Panthers, the New England Patriots signed Cam Newton to a contract after they released quarterback Tom Brady.

During preseason games, Cam Newton supposedly missed three days of practice due to COVID-19 protocols. While Cam Newton was out due to protocol, quarterback Mac Jones was able to show off his talent during the preseason. Mac Jones is a professional quarterback now for the New England Patriots and now will be filling in for Cam Newton due to his cut from the New England Patriots.

Due to COVID-19, NFL rules have been very limited. Unvaccinated players must be tested every day and those who are vaccinated can move more freely. During the preseason, while Cam Newton was out for multiple days, he refused to answer questions about the vaccine and still has not confirmed whether he has had a vaccine but then eventually returned back to the team. Many are wondering whether the vaccination status has anything to do with him being cut.

Last season for the New England Patriots, Kim Noon experienced many ups and downs such as missing a game and getting infected with coronavirus. 

After the 2020 season for the Patriots, Cam Newton’s time away from the team was a lesson for him. While the new season was coming up it was beginning to be hard for him to learn the playbook.

After being cut from the New England patriots, Cam Newton released a 45 minute video titled “My Side of the Story” where he and his father Cecil Newton Sr. discussed his release from the New England Patriots. During the video Cam Newton was not trying to criticize or hate on the Patriots. Through the video Newton is very complementary toward Mac Jones, but is still determined that with himself as quarterback the Patriots will win a lot of games. Newton claims that if the team had asked him to be the backup quarterback and for him to help guide Mac Jones, that he would have absolutely done it, but he felt like Jones would feel uncomfortable. During the video, Newton mentions that he felt “bamboozled” by the team. Head coach Belichick responds, “I have nothing but positive thoughts and feelings for Cam. He came here, he worked hard. He gave us everything he had. Right now, our future is going to be Mac at quarterback, and that is where we’re going to go,” after his interview regarding Cam Newton’s release.