Evan Craig, Staff Writer

To be a fan of any Atlanta sports team, one must have extreme patience and a lot of strength to stay a fan of that team. The most well known teams from Atlanta are the Falcons, Hawks, Braves, and their very new soccer team Atlanta United. These teams have a great season but it occurs every 5 years. 

With the Atlanta Falcons, no one can stop talking about their devastating loss against Tom Brady’s Patriots in super bowl LI. This games was a very painful game for any Falcons fan, or just any non-Patriot fan, The Falcons were held a 21 point lead over the patriots until the 4th quarter when they came back and put up 19 point tying the game and causing it to go into overtime where the falcons lost 28 to 34. The Falcons have only been in the Super Bowl 2 times in the Franchise’s 56 years of existence and lost both times. 

Another one of one of Atlanta’s beloved teams is the Braves. The Braves having one of the best players in the MLB Ronald Acuna Jr came close to competing in the world series last season but at the beginning of the 2021 season Acuna went out with a torn ACL. The Braves have 3 world series titles to their names in 1914, 1957, and 1995. This season was supposed to be a promising season and currently putting up a good fight in the NL east conference being ranked number 1 overall but the phillies are coming up close behind them by only 2 points. 

Though the toughest part of being a part of being a Braves fan was the loss of the star player, but when it comes to being a fan of Atlanta United that is just horrendous. The once great Atlanta United is currently 6th in the MLS standings. Since the beginning of the team they had a promising inaugural season as well as winning the MLS cup the second season in 2018. United’s weakest link is their coaching, the team recently lost their head coach, he was a very stern coach according to an article provided by SBNation “Even before the Five Stripes kicked a ball this season, we read about how upon arrival at his previous club in Argentina at Velez, Heinze worked his players to the bone, forcing them to stay at the club facility for all of preseason, scheduling two-a-day trainings, banning video games and ping pong. And indeed, Heinze implemented similar restrictions this preseason, with Atlanta players staying in a hotel close to the training ground and going through those same two-a-days.” This coach worked his player though this could be a good thing, over working a player could lead to more injuries which is exactly what happened to multiple players on this team. 

Being a supporter of any team can be difficult. There will always be wins and there will always be wins and there will always be losses but when it comes to being an Atlanta fan there are a lot more losses than wins and it is the seasons are very dramatic and full of downs. Hopefully ATL will overcome this long streak of devastating losses and pull together and add some titles to their belt.