The Hiring of School Teachers


Jacob Byrom, Staff Writer

How does our school gets its best, most dubious and dedicated workers; our wonderful teachers.? How are they hired and what do they do to get to our amazing school? This article will show how teachers can get their jobs in Georgia schools. The reason for this is that there is unfortunately a shortage of teachers at the school. says the reason for the shortage is abundant, however one of the primary reasons is student debt. So hopefully this will help a few new teachers. An interview questioning one of the counselors or administrators would have been done if not for the recent events at the school. From the bomb threat, mini fire/explosion, the recent airsoft pistol scare that had the wonderful staff members working incredibly hard at the moment, and the wifi not working as well as it used to. So research on the topic was done instead. However that is not important, let’s get to the requirements. 

Like a lot of other schools around the world, the new teacher would need to hold at least a bachelor’s degree in teaching. However, you can get more than a bachelor’s degree so you can teach a wider variety of subjects. Getting a doctorate is how you can teach psychology at certain schools or universities. They would also need to not hold a criminal background of any kind.

Next the new teacher would need a pre-service certificate. A pre-service certificate is something that will be given to them after taking a teaching course. Then they need to complete supervised field work at a public school. They also need to complete one whole semester of supervised student teaching. Either by helping a teacher in a classroom or being closely monitored by a teacher or administrator that works at the school.

Passing the Georgia teacher certification test is very needed to become a teacher. Like a normal test for a student, the new teacher needs to answer questions to prove what they have learned from their online or in person classes. They will also be asked how much experience they have had teaching students.  After 2015, aspiring teachers must and need to pass the Content Pedagogy test. Depending on what level of teaching you have applied for, you may need to do more tests to prove if the teacher is ready for years of teaching. 

After finishing the test or tests that the teacher needed to take, they then need to pass the GaPSC or Georgia Professional Standards Commission’s Test. To pass they need to have done work in the educator preparation program, the signing of verification forms, scores from the GACE assessments needing to be a score of 220 points or more, proof that you can work legally in the United States, and employment information from the LUA or Logical Unit Application. 

Soon the teacher should be receiving his or her professional certification from the state after 3 to 5 years and officially be a full fledged teacher. After a couple of years, however, they will need to renew their certification. Schools are always looking for capable teachers, especially ours.