Northgate Hate Week & its Consequences

Carrie Anne Mundy, Staff Writer

We all have those bad days from time to time… or maybe even bad weeks. Northgate High School had it’s incredible homecoming week and weekend last week and then it all went down this Sunday, September 12th, 2021. A student threatened to bring a bomb to school; the situation was handled beautifully by the staff, SROs, and police officers. Many students decided they felt safer at home on Monday instead of at the school. Mrs. Wilkes sent out that this would be an excused absence.

The “devious lick” trend on TikTok is showing kids how they can steal or do criminal acts for fame. This trend has had kids at the school stealing soap dispensers, WET FLOOR signs, paper towel rolls, even stall doors at some schools. Anything to get internet clout. This has caused some schools in the county to send out rewards if someone snitches or turns in their friend. At Northgate specifically, many of the boy’s restroom soap dispensers are missing but it is not as bad as some of the videos out there.

More chaos hitting Northgate on Wednesday the 15th, the fire/emergency alarm went off at around 9:35am. The teachers led students outside away from the building, everyone’s concern was that it had to do with the bomb threat just a few days prior. Students from Mr. Almand’s first block class had recorded the incident and posted it to their Snapchat stories. Even the teachers gathered to see what had actually happened. He was performing an experiment and as he stepped back, it exploded into flames. The flames started to grow – especially when he started to blow on the fire.  The best option would have been to smother it immediately. He could have been in shock but he was not quick enough to stop the smoke detector from setting off the alarm. It was quite the scare on that Wednesday morning but the rest of the day sailed by smoothly for the most part.

Finally, the last bit of bad luck Northgate had this week was when a student brought an air rifle to school and at approximately 8:36am, the school administration was told that a video was posted of the boy with the gun. He was waving it in the air of the boys restroom. We are very appreciative of our SROs and administrators who quickly acted on the threat and made our safety a top priority. It feels much better to go to a school where you know you feel safe and cared for. Still, this has been one of the craziest weeks with all of this happening in the span of 6 days. Bomb threat, devious lick, science lab on fire, air gun at school, oh and don’t forget how we lost to EC 36-0! It’s called Northgate Hate Week for a reason but we won’t let that bring us down. Sometimes it isn’t your day, your week, your month, or even your year as the “Friends” theme song goes. But it’s best to have a positive outlook on the future. You never know what’s to come.