Georgia vs. Clemson


Brook Jackson, Staff Writer

Before the start of college football, Georgia was ranked number five in the preseason. Many people believed Georgia was not going to perform very well in their game against Clemson Tigers who were then ranked third in the preseason.

While everyone was excited for college football, on September fourth the Georgia Bulldogs beat the Clemson Tigers 10-3. As always, Georgia showed off their amazing defense, but the offense on both teams were not of full potential. 

During the first quarter of the Georgia and Clemson game, each team started out pretty rough. In this quarter fans could tell that the players were having nervous energy by getting flag after flag. Georgia was already having a rough week from the start. During their traveling to North Carolina to play Clemson at the Bank of America stadium, one of the buses broke down.

The Georgia Bulldogs didn’t score until before half time with a pick six. Georgia could have scored earlier with a field goal, but their kicker Jack Podlesny missed.

After half time,Georgia and Clemson were getting more into the game. Georgia’s defense was incredible, only leaving Clemson with 180 yards. During the fourth quarter, Georgia was in lead 10-3 with 9:05 minutes left on the clock. Then this is what led Georgia to a victory against the Clemson Tigers.

The loss for the Clemson Tigers was very devastating for the tiger fans. This year Clemson is going to have to adjust their offense now that their former star quarterback was a first round first pick in the 2021 NFL draft.

Clemson is an outstanding team, they are known for their defense just like Georgia. Some fans underestimated the capability of the Georgia Bulldogs. Georgia and Clemson have had a total of 64 games in all of history, with Georgia with forty-two wins and Clemson with eighteen wins and the four other ties. The last time Georgia beat Clemson was in 2014. During this season for Georgia, they had star players like Todd Gurley and Nick Chubb that could not be stopped. During this game in 2014 the Clemson Tigers managed to beat the Georgia Bulldogs with a final of 38-35.

After the Georgia and Clemson game, Georgia went on to play the University of Alabama Birmingham. On September eleventh at Stanford stadium, Georgia won with a final score of 56-7. Also that same day the Clemson Tigers played South Carolina State at Clemson University with a victory and a final score of 49-3.

Now that the big  Georgia versus Clemson game is over, for week 3 Georgia is now ranked number two and Clemson fell down to sixth. Georgia and Clemson now have to prepare for their upcoming games with Georgia playing South Carolina and Clemson playing Georgia Tech.