Donuts Galore!


Addison Siler, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again, the drama club is having their annual sale of Krispy Kreme donuts. They are selling a dozen donuts for ten dollars. They have chocolate glazed and regular glazed donuts. Chorus and drama are working together with this fundraiser to raise money to support their shows. 

The drama department does this fundraiser to raise money for their shows. The donuts are being sold for ten dollars, and they get three dollars in proceeds. The money will go towards the costumes, props, and the right to do the musical. The most expensive part of the musical is the right to do it. This could be anywhere from three to nine thousand dollars. The drama department has to go through multiple contracts with the owners of the musical packet, and before they are allowed to sell or tell the students, they have to pay for it. This year the musicals are Charlotte’s Web and Charlie Brown The Musical. The musicals themselves cost anywhere from three to five hundred dollars. That’s not even including if they wanted to do music. They have to do this fundraiser so they can continue and be able to make productions show like this. The fundraiser is a way for students to earn an account for their theatre careers.

Apart from doing musicals the drama club also goes to the Thespian Conference. This is where all people involved in the program can go to this big conference and be around all other kinds of theater kids. As for the future of the drama department, they are thinking about doing a full-length musical. They can’t release what musical they are doing because of the contract I mentioned earlier. There is also a cost along with the number of books that are being used. It is about sevens dollars per student who is singing. 

Mrs. Scott-Fortune is the teacher behind all the actions. She went to Northgate and graduated in the class of 2008. She is the liaison between the people who own the musicals and the administrators. As the teacher, she works extremely hard to make sure that all the compartments of the musical run smoothly. She wants her students to learn not only how to be better actors but also wants to teach them how to make costumes and props. She uses all these things as a learning experience. 

There are so many parts of a musical that many people don’t know, like how much work truly goes into the musicals. The fundraiser is used for so many things the drama club needs. People don’t realize how much money goes into the amazing musicals they produce. You can help them raise money for their fundraiser by buying a box of delicious donuts, and it’s only ten dollars.