Spotlight on: Mrs. Lisa Morris

Spotlight on: Mrs. Lisa Morris

Carrie Ann Mundy, Staff Writer

No one is more deserving of a teacher spotlight than Mrs. Morris. Every teacher at Northgate deserves to be appreciated by their students, but this week’s highlight is 

on the fabulous Mrs. Morris! 

She is a teacher who has an excellent work ethic, great comedic timing to any scenario, and the perfect teacher one can go to if they ever need someone to talk to. She is trustworthy and wants what is best for her students. The things that make her the happiest are, “making others happy and making others feel good about themselves. Also…oddly enough being around teens everyday, getting to know them, and being a small part of their lives makes [her] very happy.  I love [all my students] so much!” Mrs. Morris enjoys her job at school but did you know that she also has a photography business on the side? Her handle on Instagram is: @lmariephotography. She is so passionate about her photography, and she uses time management skills in photography and at school to, “compartmentalize and stick to a strict schedule.” She uses her time wisely and makes sure her clients are happy and satisfied as well as her students. When asked if she would coach any sports at Northgate, she answered, “I have already coached Cross Country, but I think flag football would be fun to coach.” She would make an amazing flag football coach but she has her hands pretty full with being Northgate’s new yearbook staff advisor! 

“When I heard Mrs. Wright was retiring I talked to Mr. Kesselring about being the new yearbook adviser.  I knew it would be challenging, but that’s when I work best.  I also had heard so many great things about yearbook and the students involved that I just knew I had to be a part!”

 -Mrs. Morris

The yearbook staff can not thank Mrs. Morris enough for the amazing job she has done jumping into the craziness of the class and all that comes with it. She is a well-rounded teacher, photographer, wife, mom, and friend.

Here are some fun facts about Mrs. Morris you may or may not know:

  • Her favorite color is blue!
  • This is her third year at Northgate High School.
  • Her school best friend is Mrs. Rollins; here is a photo of them in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Mrs. Morris says they love to dog sled and snowmobile together; this past winter, she almost fell off a cliff.
  • Spouse: Kenneth Morris (Coach Morris) who is a football coach here at Northgate High School. 
  • She is especially passionate about buying chickens for fresh eggs and maybe some pets!
  • Mrs. Morris’ birthday is on June 9th. She is surely hoping for some chickens for her birthday (or maybe this Christmas).
  • Her hometown is Salem, Oregon.
  • Her children are Drew (26) who is married to Emily (27) and her daughter Emma (23). 
  • Her celebrity crush is Tom Selleck.
  • Her favorite ice cream flavor is salted caramel.