Top Five College Football Teams

Top Five College Football Teams

Brook Jackson, Staff Writer

College football is an all around favorite sport. Fans travel miles away from home to see their favorite football teams. Now that football is finally here, take a look at our top five National Championship contenders.

For number one ranked spot in the 2021 college football season, we have the infamous Alabama. Alabama is known for their great players and head coach Nick Saban. Nick Saban has been the head coach for Alabama for fifteen years and has led Alabama to win six National Championships. While Alabama is ranked first in the preseason, they have lost some players such as wide receiver DeVonta Smith and running back Najee Harris. Nick Saban, Alabama’s head coach, is determined to win another championship in this year’s season.

Runner up for the number two ranked spot, we have Oklahoma. In last year’s season Oklahoma went 9-2, closing their season up with 2 wins against Iowa state and Florida. Oklahoma’s Quarterback Spencer Rattler is prepared for this year’s season. Alex Grinch, Oklahoma’s defensive coordinator, has set up an amazing defense. Alex Grinch’s coaching style has Oklahoma as one of the top defensive teams. 

Next up, we have the Clemson Tigers who are ranked third in the 2021 preseason. In last year’s season for the Clemson Tiger, they had an incredible final record of 10-2. This season, it is going to be interesting to see how they perform now that Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne are now gone. Trevor Lawrence, their former star Quarterback was the first pick in round one of the 2021 NFL Draft. Now Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne are both players for the Jacksonville Jaguars. We can not forget that Clemson has quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei, who started in the first two games last season due to Lawrences absence, tested positive for COVID-19.

In this year’s season the fourth ranked team is Ohio State. Ohio State had a great season last year going 7-1. Their last two games they played Clemson and Alabama. During the Clemson game Ohio crushed the Clemson Tigers 49-28. This game left Ohio State fans in shock. After this great game, Ohio State fans hoped for a great game against Alabama, but Alabama beat them in the playoffs.

Finally, the team who is ranked fifth in college football are the Georgia Bulldogs. Throughout the years, the Georgia Bulldogs have been outstanding. They have one the SEC championship and dominated teams coming their way. JT Daniels, Georgia quarterback, will be playing for his second year. Daniels started his football career in 2018 at the University of Southern California and transferred to Georgia in 2020. In this year’s season Georgia has some pressure on whether or not they will beat Alabama this year. In past years Georgia has come face to face with Alabama for national championship titles and Georgia has not yet beat Alabama since 2007.

The 2021 college football season is going to be filled with so much entertainment. It will be fun to see who will end up in the top two to fight for the National Championship title.