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Overview of Northgate

Carson Taylor, Staff Writer

COVID has messed up a lot of students at Northgate with not being able to have a homecoming dance in 2020. The students of Northgate were thankful to at least get a prom to end out the school year. This school year is different however. There will be a Homecoming dance but it will look a little different this year then previous homecomings at Northgate High school. The typical location for the dance is in the gym decorated for the Homecoming theme of the year.

This year the dance will be held in the football stadium. The dance will be on Saturday September 11th for 7pm through 10pm. There were rumors going around that the dance was canceled because of the rise in cases of Covid at Northgate but the dance is still on! Just not in the gym of course. Students for other schools are allowed at the dance but they have to show an ID and have to buy their ticket at the dance. Students of Northgate can get their Homecoming tickets from https://gofan.co/app/events/381242?schoolld=GA5204.

Students will need to enter their school ID number found in Infinite Campus in the “Promo Code slot to purchase their Homecoming ticket. Only flats or wedges will be allowed for shoe wear to prevent the football field and track from being messed up. No stiletto heels will be allowed. There will be a shoe check when you arrive at the dance. The theme for Homecoming this year is “The Viking Showdown”. Homecoming week will be centered around two different things each day. Students and teachers will be able to dress up appropriately  for the theme of the day. Check your grade’s Google Classroom for what day and what you will be decorating your hallway as for Homecoming week. The Homecoming football game is on Friday September 10th. The day before the Homecoming dance. 

    11th grader Emily Jenkins said “I’m a little upset the dance is on the football field but excited to see how it will play out.”

 Another student Mitchell McCormick, 12th grader says “I’m just happy that there will be a dance this year for my senior year.”

Students at Northgate seem to be happy that there is still going to be a Homecoming dance and are ready for it.