Was Online School Better?

A virtual class via the computer

A virtual class via the computer

Addison Siler, Staff Writer

Since the start of COVID, there have been many changes, like the requirement of masks or virtual school. For a while, those things worked, and school was able to resume function. Now there is a new strand of COVID going around, and school functions are becoming more difficult again.

Following the rise of COVID cases, there doesn’t seem to be much of a plan. As a student who is currently out of school with COVID, I have found it extremely difficult to keep up with my school work. Without the help of online school, I have to email my teachers and get what work I can from google classroom. It’s almost impossible to understand what is going on. It’s not only me or is feeling this overwhelmed countless students, and staff member is being sent home with exposures or positive test results. 

Online school wasn’t the most ideal form of learning, but because of COVID, it was the only to learn safely. I have to feel like online learning should be brought back for those who are sent home to be quarantined or those that are sick. It would be a more effective way to ensure that students are caught up and can come back to school feeling less stressed. I know teachers are concerned about cheating, but virtual should only be offered as a way to stay caught up with work and lectures. So when students are allowed to return to school, the only thing that has to make up is tests and quizzes. Bringing back virtual should only be reserved for people who have been sent home sick or because of exposure. It would be helpful to not only the student but the teacher as well. The teacher would be able to teach normally instead of having to make sure the other students are understanding the work. 

Being in school and having homework is already stressful as is, but being home for two weeks with nothing to keep you caught up is worse. Essentially you are sitting at home emailing your teachers so you can get as much of your work done.  The thought of knowing I’m going back to school not knowing half of what went on isn’t fair, especially when it’s over something you can’t help. Since the new strand of COVID is more contagious the number of students who are going through the same thing is increasing as well. Allowing them to stay up to speed would be beneficial to everyone. 

Virtual isn’t the best way of teaching or learning, but it would help those students who can’t come to school because of being sick or quarantined. I think it would make the year go smoother because that way there is a plan in place. It could help to keep cases down because students now are scared to tell their teachers that they are sick because they don’t want to be sent home and get behind on the work. It can almost impossible to get your grades back to where they were before. If the cases continue to go up and school has to shut down again, then virtual is already set up.