Attending To the Aussies

Attending To the Aussies

Clay Olderham, Staff Writer

Australia has taken a massive hit from COVID-19. Dating back to January 25, 2020, Australia obtained their first confirmed COVID case by a man, who flew to Melbourne in hopes of escaping the former epidemic turned pandemic. 

The country had maintained their “COVID-free” zone for a large amount of time by enforcing a lockdown early in the pandemic and setting strict border limits.

 In the summer of 2020-21, Australia’s COVID numbers had reached their lowest since its arrival in late January 2020. From December 1st with 27,912 total cases to the last day of February, ending their summer with 28,970 total cases. COVID has recently had a spike in numbers in Australia. From August 1st to August 26th, there have been 13,456 reported new cases, with no pattern of slowing down and the new delta variant recently reaching the country and taking its toll. (

In hopes of bringing the number of new COVID cases down, Australia’s government had only permitted people to leave their houses for exercise, work, medical problems, and vital shopping. Enforcing their rules of the lockdown, soldiers were deployed and set to random compliance checkpoints to make sure the citizens were abiding by the new rules, ticketing anyone who is 5km away from their house. Sadly, they began to execute dogs in worry of them spreading the virus, also putting people in quarantine camps located in Queensland.

 As of August 26th, Australia has set a new list of rules for its population. Starting the 13th of September, fully-vaccinated people are given an hour outside of the curfew window for activities outside of the home (additional to their hour of exercise)(Lyman). 

As Australia heavily influences their citizens to get the covid vaccine, they are lifting some of the restrictions for the fully-vaccinated people, which pushes the people even more to get the vaccine. From the release date of the vaccine February 22nd, 2021 to August 26th, 2021, 11,471,052 Australian citizens (45.2% of the population) received the first dose of the multi-branded COVID vaccine. From February 22nd, 2021 to August 26th, 2021 6,612,155 Australian citizens received both doses of the multi-branded COVID vaccine, making 26.1% of the country’s population vaccinated (

In the future, Australia plans to vaccinate their population to further their recovery process to what the land of the long weekend once was.

 In conclusion, when the pandemic first hit, Australia being one of the less-impacted countries, Australia has recently taken a large hit from COVID. In the last month (July 26th – August 26th) Australia has managed to obtain 14,572 new cases of COVID even through their lockdown, curfew rules, vaccination rules, and military personnel enforcement.

 On the bright side of things, more and more Australian citizens are getting the COVID vaccine every day. In the last month (July 26th – August 26th) 3,618,610 Australian citizens received their first dose of the COVID vaccine. Also being within the last month, 3,253,150 Australian citizens have received their second dose of the multi-branded vaccine, somewhat helping to adequately reach their vaccination goal to lift their restrictions (