Inside Look to the Yearbook


Yearbook Class poses for a picture alongside new advisor, Mrs. Lisa Morris

Carrie Anne Mundy, Staff Writer

Who knew that yearbook was a class?? Out of a random survey, ⅘  people interviewed had no idea that students took a year-long third block yearbook class to make sure Northgate has an amazing memento of its school year. The staff works hard everyday, including some weekends, too, to build and “perfect” an amazing yearbook. The previous yearbook staff advisor; Mrs. Wright; always said, “A yearbook is never complete, you just run out of time.” The staff starts in the summer before school starts to decide on the theme of the book. The theme is what ties everything together and helps the book run smoothly and flow better.

The editors of the yearbook staff this year are Cassidy Witt, Victoria Perez, and Carrie Anne Mundy. Their job as editors is to give direction for what they want the book to look like. The theme has to be evident in almost every single page used and their job is to make sure that happens. Victoria was interviewed on why she loves yearbook and chose to come back for a second year; she said, “I took yearbook [again] because of the amazing memories I had last year. Yearbook showed me this whole other side of Northgate that I didn’t know existed. I also loved the fact that I got to create a book where people would look back on the memories and say ‘I was there.’ Yearbook is really special to me.” This kind of passion is what makes a great yearbook.

Northgate’s 2020-2021 school year was Mrs. Wright’s final year as a teacher, she’s now retired but she still continues to check in the yearbook class every so often. Mrs. Morris, a business ed teacher, decided to step up. “I chose to be the new yearbook advisor because I think the staff is amazing; I can’t wait to grow together as a team and as individuals this year! I appreciate them putting up with me when my husband snores and I wake up on the wrong side of the bed,” Mrs Morris states when asked why she chose this position. She is the perfect candidate for the role and she will do exceptional things as a yearbook advisor.

In the class, juniors and seniors are the only eligible students welcomed in the class due to it being a year-long class. Kinsey Clark is a junior who chose to take yearbook this year because, “[she’s] always loved photography and this is a great way to get more involved with northgate. [She] can’t wait to create a great book with her yearbook family!” The yearbook staff are truly a family, through thick and thin they are all working together towards a common goal. People who took the class in the past will never forget the experience and all the life lessons they learned as an individual and as a team player. Everyone truly works together as different parts of one body and that’s what makes the class run smoothly and together they make an amazing yearbook. One that 4 classes and its staff will look back on to remember their freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years. It’s no pressure or anything.