Another Kanye Façade?


Kanye West Recreates Wedding to now ex-wife Kim Kardashian at his album release party.

Arlethia Daniels, Staff Writer

As the summer comes to an end, the waiting for new albums begin. The constant back and forth with rumors take heads for a spin. Though the summer provided many great albums from an array of artists, old and new, the thirst for more and more grows amongst many music fans. The rumors of artists excites many, and Twitter is a witness as the controversy and theories begin to circle around. The two most talked about and anticipated albums of 2021, from two big artists or as some would say legends, Kanye and Drake have many in a chokehold. The back and forth between who may drop first and which will produce better quality took its hold on the widely used apps Twitter and Tik Tok, where fans constantly go back and forth sporting their opinions and thoughts. The drama took its course with Kanye, of course. The popular artist began his promotion of his new album sometime last year in July, releasing a short snippet of one the songs off of the upcoming album to twitter. From there Twitter fingers obviously took that and ran with it, making conspiracy theories about the motivation behind the new album, and ultimately spreading the word that new music was coming. From there, fans sat waiting for the release date, which was posted in June of 2021, Donda was set to be released July 24, 2021. That date had ultimately been missed along with almost three other set dates, but of course this is nothing but typical of the artist. Previous to the Donda album, Kanye has played this game once before with his album Yeezus which he had been delayed for almost a year. This is a very smart tatic Kanye uses, capturing fans into his charades, this year it being surprise listening parties held at the Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, he ultimately creates buzz and exposure two basic elements of a successful album. The first listening party took place on July 22, two days before the anticipated release date. There, the monochromatic outfits, worn by he and his ex-wife, and stationary performance, shook many and left some disturbed and some moved. It is said that when performing a song titled “I’m not okay” Mr. West actually broke down in tears, the lyrics were him describing that he was losing his family.  It can be noted that he and his ex-wife Kim Kardashian had recently divorced and This may have played a big role with her being there. Fans were definitely there for it too, taking the pity trip and feeling bad for the artist. In an attempt to show their love and support, fans made social media posts illuminating their love for the artist.

– On another note, at the most recent listening party, Kanye proceeded to wow the crowd by setting himself on fire in front of everyone, then going on to remarry his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Kanye has definitely provided the world with a show when the only thing he was asked of was an album. The due date for his assignment has been pushed back many, many times and has recently been revised to September 3rd, will the album ever truly be released or is all just another Kanye façade? With the time Kanye’s taken up, Drake may beat him in efficiency and reliability. Whenever the date for his album release comes out, through his track record, fans can expect to get the album on time. With the way things are going, it seems fans are just ready to settle for anything, so who will provide them with it first?