Northgate’s Comeback

Evan Craig, Staff Writer

The start of regular season games have begun for Northgate football, and they did not disappoint in their first game against Locust Grove. With the final score being 21-7, the win will put hope into the students and staff at Northgate high. This win is a win in the region which means this game could help Northgate football secure a spot in playoffs at the end of the season.

Not only is Northgate back but Jayden O’Neal is back from a horrific injury. One great story to come out of this is the return of  starting linebacker Jayden O’Neal. Last season during a regular season game against Villa Rica, Jayden tore his ACL. Jayden States “I was running down field to cover a kickoff and I felt a pop.” This pop was the tear in his ACL which is a very tragic and painful tear. Once Jayden found out about the tear, he claimed he was in denial because it was news that he did not want to hear. For an athlete to lose their ability to be on the field is a very heartbreaking and traumatic experience, Jayden was a junior at the time, and he wanted to recover as fast as possible to make it back to his senior season so that’s exactly what he did. Once he received his surgery, he worked with physical therapist and Northgate’s trainer,Amanda Sanabria, for the next couple months to make sure that he made it back on the field. 

Northgate’s next game is their homecoming game. Northgate is ready to fight this game against Villa Rica, the same team against which Jayden O’Neal had his season ending injury. Villa Rica is currently 0-2 meaning they have lost their past 2 games, losing 1 game to Pope 24-14 and losing their other game to Rockmart 21-28. With hope, Northgate will make some improvement this coming week as a result of extra practice time. Northgate does not have a game this week, so they have 2 weeks to prepare and strategize to secure a win against Villa Rica.

The following week Northgate will  play one of the toughest teams they will play this season, East Coweta. East Coweta has a current record of 2-0, When East Coweta is on the field you know based on their ability to absolutely extinguish  the teams they play. One of Northgate’s former star running backs DJ Reid will be on the field and tensions will be high as Northgate plays against someone who used to put up the most points for them in the past season. They are ready for EC, and they are ready for DJ Reid. Hopefully with Northgate’s win against Locust Grove, this will open some eyes over at East Coweta because Northgate is coming back this season and ready to silence they hate they have received as part of a county rivalry.