Charting in the Top 100’s


Tyler the Creator’s “Call Me if You Get Lost” album cover

Arlethia Daniels, Staff Writer

The summer time is approaching its end, and the music world has been given an array of great singles and albums, supplied by artists old and new. In the beginning of the summer, the charades began with a new icon in the industry Olivia Rodrigo, establishing her reign with her single “Driver’s License” in January and in May with her album “Sour”. The single took its course on the popular platform Tik Tok, grasping the attention of many celebrities and teen girls. From this single, Rodrigo quickly gained popularity from her ability to be vulnerable when telling the story of her heartbreak. For many, it was the connection to the drama the single brought with it, such as Sabrina Carpenter’s rebuttal to the situation with her single “Skin”, to Olivia’s album, which may be a big statement on how she felt about everything. Aside from the drama, Rodrigo has been on a roll. Following “Driver’s License,” she went on to release two other singles, “Deja Vu” and “Good 4 U.” She has also seen the top 100 charts a lot this year, made her climb in January with “Driver’s License”, and later charting all 11 songs from her album in Hot 100’s Top 30. Things are really looking up for the young artist, she has recently performed on NBC’s  Saturday night live, as well as the 2021 BRIT Awards alongside big artists such as Elton John and The Weekend. Her performances wowed many and through that she gained more and more people wondering about what her next move is. 

But, aside from Ms. Rodrigo, an older friend, was brought back into the spotlight. After posting a video alongside the road ending in “Call Me if You Get Lost”, Tyler the Creator’s name became popular amongst many. Following the teaser, many fans took it and ran with it, anxious and excited for the new album and luckily for them the charades did not end there. Tyler advertised snippets, using billboards, instagram and twitter posts, and an all time favorite posters. Excited, many fans jumped into the new era, buying outfit’s like those worn in the video and even attempting to recreate the short snippet. It was time for Tyler  to feed his fans, and many youtube streamers and critics said he did not fail, with features from artists such as Lil Wayne, Brent Faiyaz, Lil Uzi Vert, Pharrell Williams and to the most popular feature NBA Youngboy, Tyler provided variety and a little something for everyone. It surely showed as fans were definitely there for it, reaching 153 million streams in its opening week, and even touching the number one spot on Hot 100’s billboard charts. After the obvious success of the album, he encouraged fans to sign up to the website Call Me If You Get Lost. It would later be found out that through the website some fans received emails with free tickets to a private concert in randomly chosen cities. Many were upset they weren’t able to fangirl over the artist ;however, he did have more shows planned that they could possibly attend or just watch such as the BET awards, where he performed the song “Lumberjack” and a recording of him performing in New York on amazon music. For those who missed those two opportunities he has recently posted his tour dates for the album in 2022, where he will be touring alongside the artists, Kali uchis, Terro touchdown and Vince Staples, maybe they’ll catch him then.

Tyler the Creator’s “Call Me if You Get Lost” album cover.

The summer has surely been an entertaining time for the music world, and it isn’t even over yet, as the wait intensifies for Kanye’s upcoming album Donda. One can only hope it lives up to the same standards as Rodrigo and Tyler the Creator.