Mexico is Close to Legalizing Marijuana for 130 Million

Mexico is Close to Legalizing Marijuana for 130 Million

Madison Fouty, Staff Writer

The world’s largest legal weed market will soon be opening when Mexico passes the final test in legalizing the drug. The Senate has already passed the bill to legalize both industrial and recreational cannabis; Mexico City is now waiting for the lower house of the country’s Congress to vote. With a deadline of December 15, mandated by the Supreme Court, the country does not have much longer to decide.

If Mexico does legalize both industrial and recreational marijuana, this market will be available  to as many as 130 million people. While this may seem very exciting for many Mexican citizens, the actual law is stricter than it seems. Legalization advocates are claiming that, “…the bill has been transformed to favor wealthy Mexicans and investors who can pay to enter the industry and large foreign marijuana producers who want to sell to the new massive market.” They have also made claims that, “…it will ultimately leave humble marijuana-cultivating communities, small Mexican-entrepreneurs, and local home aficionados with limited business opportunities.” Many people of this country, including two members of the Senate, believe that this bill will do nothing more but hurt people because the underground market of marijuana is very prime in Mexico. 

A bizarre publicity stunt was held on Wednesday, November 18, by two pro-cannabis Mexican Senators, Emilio Álvarez Icaza and Indira Kempis Martinez. The two decided to hold a press conference, where they announced that they would be voting against the law. The Senators were also accompanied by Jose Rivera, a prominent activist in the community, who was joining their stand. After making his announcement, Rivera ended his speech remarkably by lighting up a joint on the government patio. This led to an abrupt end of the live casting of the press conference by Icaza and Martinez. 

Mexico has less than a month to decide whether or not to pass one of the most bizarre laws the country has ever had to face. The passing of this law could significantly affect the country in positive and negative ways. Nothing will be for certain until the country has determined their final input on this issue. The underground market of marijuana in Mexico will most likely be harmed if this law is put in place, which would hurt many of Mexico’s people. All the citizens can do is wait for the Congress’s verdict now.