Myles Garrett of the Cleveland Browns Tests Positive for Covid-19


Olivia Harvey, Staff Writer

Cleveland Browns defensive end, Myles Garrett, tested positive for the Coronavirus and was placed on the Covid-19 list early Friday. 

The star player has been ill all week and has stayed away from the team and Browns headquarters. Thursday afternoon, Garrett was planning to rejoin the team on Friday since being away because of his illness. However, those plans were canceled when Garrett tested positive for Covid-19. He will not be rejoining the team again until he has tested negative and quarantined for two weeks. 

For the Cleveland Browns, this is a hard blow on a competitive standpoint. On Sunday, they will be heading into a home game against the Philadelphia Eagles, and Garrett not being there will be a huge setback for the Browns defense. They will be missing the Browns best player and the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year. 

There has been no close contact with Garrett since his illness and there has been much testing around the team. The team’s training will remain open and is still scheduled to play Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Garrett has now become the fifth player on the team to test positive for Covid-19 and to be put on the Covid-19 list in a week. He won’t be seen around the team for at least 10 days. Now, whether he will be able to return for the Jacksonville Jaguars game on November 29 has not been determined and depends on the timeline of his illness. Hopefully Myles Garrett will get to rest and to feel better soon and be able to finish off his competitive season strong with his team. As for the Browns, they will have to continue their season without Garrett until he is fully recovered, well-rested, and no longer contagious.