Biden’s New Covid-19 Plan


Mia Pierson, Staff Writer

President-elect Joe Biden had made it clear since his campaign started that getting a hold of Covid-19 was his top priority. Unlike President Donald Trump, Biden believes mask wearing should be mandated and that this virus will not go away overnight. Biden’s strategy would abolish the Trump administration’s response. He would install a top-down national framework for testing, contact tracing and targeted business closures. Biden also said he would enforce a national mask mandate that would be called a “patriotic duty.” 

“You’ll immediately see a change of tone, a change in communication,” said Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, a health policy and bioethics expert advising Biden. Some people are going to be mad at the rules put in place, but we need this virus to go away. Having a strong leadership and plan is gonna help all of this be over as soon as it can be. “Red states and the MAGA world will strongly resist Biden’s approach, having embraced Trump’s rosy assessments and his portrayals of masks and business closures as a form of tyranny,” states POLITICO. With strict plans in place, we can start to get our Covid cases under control. 

“One of Biden’s first actions, his campaign told POLITICO, would be to press Congress to get a sweeping stimulus bill to his desk by late January that guarantees paid sick leave to all workers, covers the cost of Covid-19 testing and treatment for the uninsured and under-insured and gives states and public health workers the resources they need to slow the spread of the virus and distribute a vaccine if and when one is approved,” states POLITICO. Obviously with every plan comes some flaws. The flaw in this plan is that this change can’t be immediate. Trump stays in office until January 20, 2021. Health experts say that coronavirus will continue to spread rapidly during the presidential transition.